Cristiano Ronaldo Will Leave Real Madrid, Here’s Why

Among the rumors and Transfer news, this one never gets old. Year by year, only the reasons vary and the news remains the same: Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid. But now, the situation is not same as that of the previous cases. Cristiano Ronaldo is not enjoying his Best of times in the white shirt, something that did not happen before.

The Portuguese superstar is really having a rough path, failing to impress the crowd or his fellow teammates nor the manager either. In the last league game against Sevilla which Real Madrid lost by 3-2, Cristiano Ronaldo was definitely one of the worst players for his side. He lacked the motivation to play for his team, his teammates and he did not look like the Cristiano we all knew.

Unlike the previous times, this time Cristiano Ronaldo is looking more interested on a move away from the Spanish Capital if the rumors around the player were true. In the Champions League game against Frech Champions Paris Saint-Germain, Ronaldo reportedly said PSG boss Laurent Blanc that he wants to play for the French man. In a recent interview, Ronaldo hinted that he may play for present Chelsea boss and former Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho.

Not only the reports in media, there are also some reasons to believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid and let me write them down here:

Bad form and lack of goals

Bad form? Don’t get surprised with the word. For a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, the word has a very different meaning and we should also take that while describing him. He wants to score in every game, he wants to give his Best in every match and he is not doing that currently. So he is considered as ‘out of form’.

Cristiano Ronaldo unhappy

He has scored 8 league goals in 11 appearances this season and 5 of them came in a single game. Meaning: He has scored just 3 goals in his other 10 appearances. Not an appreciable one for the Portuguese. Ronaldo is well short of his own standards.

Even though he is the all-time goal scorer of Real Madrid, he does not afford to miss the target so often. Because he plays for the world’ biggest club and their demands are bigger than the club itself. In the entire history of Real Madrid, the club has one rule for all of their players; if you do not play to your standards, then you are not eligible to play for Real Madrid and you can be sure that Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception.

Lack of Support from the Manager

When Rafael Benitez took over the reigns at Real Madrid, he publicly announced that Gareth Bale will be his main man instead of the three times Baloon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. The statement caused some problems among the players and the fans, but both the manager and the player dismissed the claims, talking good about each other. But as the season progresses, Benites showed good care of Gareth Bale than Cristiano Ronaldo to say the least. He has given the Welsh man the freedom on the pitch to play anywhere he wants which Ronaldo enjoyed under his former managers Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal scorer. but he likes to play from the sides rather than from the center. He likes to run a lot from the wings to the penalty box. Drawing more attraction and fouls, but now he is employed as a lone striker in the absence of leading forward Karim Benzema. The lone striker role hinders his best abilities and stops him to play more freely. He has to stop and turn to face the goals instead of running at defenders.

Both Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti had Cristiano Ronaldo as their Best player and given him more freedom than any other player. The Portuguese repaid them by giving his best and winning the games for the team. But, Rafa Benitez is changing the culture by making Gareth Bale the most important player on the pitch, giving him more freedom which is causing Cristiano Ronaldo to limit himself.

Show-offs on the pitch

Cristiano Ronaldo is often criticised for showing off his emotions on the pitch and even called ‘arrogant’ for his expressions on the pitch. Till now, he has not changed a bit he has to analyse the situation surrounding him and act wisely. I think he is not doing that. He is still continuing to show off his anger at missed chances and failed passes. Though he is blaming himself, it is projected as he is angry at his teammates and some of the other important players in the team also dislike that act.


In the league game against Sevilla, Ronaldo had a tough sight at goal but went for it himself while Luka Modric was free on the far post waiting for a tap-in. Luka Modric showed his dissatisfaction on Ronaldo in not passing the ball by shouting loud. Modric is an integral part of Real Madrid and is known for his calmness. When a player like him reacts angrily at you, you need to understand that you are not good enough.

These show-offs don’t mean that the players are not united, but it shows that you need to know how to control your emotions particularly in the tough times. If your fellow teammates fail to understand your emotions and start to question that, you will be in trouble without doubts.

Evolution of Gareth Bale

When the Sun sets, the moon rises. The same is happening at Real Madrid. Gareth Bale has been more impressive for Real Madrid than ever, outshining the Portuguese in the case of assists, chances created and other key areas. His absence was well visible when he missed the games through injury. Under Benitez, he is the main focused man and he is performing to the standards.


Though Gareth Bale is no Cristiano Ronaldo, he certainly has that legs to fulfill the former Manchester United man’s costly boots. So Ronaldo has fewer chances of retaining his Best Player place if he continues his poor displays. He needs to step up his game rather than pointing fingers at some other.

The pressure of the Badge

Iker Casillas and Cristinao Ronaldo

Playing for the World’s largest club and its precious crest is not an easy job, the pressure you receive every time you enter the pitch wearing the White jersey is limitless. Being a Real Madrid player is one of the hardest jobs on the planet Earth; and being the Best player in the team, Cristiano Ronaldo should be in his Best each and every minute he spends on the pitch.

The demanding nature of Real Madrid fans is an unchanging one and the whole world knows that. Even the Legendary Iker Casillas was booed by his own fans and Ronaldo may also suffer the same fate as the former skipper if his bad season prolongs.

Finally, it’s really not Real Madrid or the fans or the press or the clubs who want Cristiano; it is only CRISTIANO RONALDO who can decide his future.