One of the most promising Brazilian defender, Dani Alves, who is currently playing with MSN combination, is about to leave after seven successful years at Barcelona. But, do you know why does he want to leave a club like Barcelona? NO? No problem. Read on to know more.

Dani Alves is an important asset of Barcelona and his team got several titles with his dedication. However, after seven years of playing, now the manager, Luis Enrique, thinks Alves is not as good as he was back in 2012 or 2013.

Dani Alves can Leave Barca and Move to Manchester United

Dani Alves’s contract is about to end in this summer. According to his agent, he has got numerous offers from various clubs authorities and the lowest offers has come from Barcelona. On the same offer table, Manchester United has the highest offer. Old Trafford has been trying to bring some defenders in their club and now this is a golden opportunity to get a world cup player from Barcelona, who has much experience as well.

At the same time, the current Barca defender wants to play English Premier League and Manchester United can give the chance to him to play in EPL.

He is a reliable defender, who plays alongside Pique, Mascherano and Mathieu. In most of the times, he plays throughout the entire match. You should also know that this Spanish club will not buy any other player until January 2016. Therefore, there is a high chance for Dani Alves to play the next season again for Barca. They can revise their offer and keep Dani in this club.

Barcelona cannot buy any new player because of the FIFA’s embargo, which took place in April 2014. The previous transfer window was unavailable for them and the upcoming transfer window will be unavailable for them as well. That means, they cannot sell any player as well as cannot recruit any new player before the second next transfer window, which will be started in 2016.

That embargo can help Davi Alves to play for his known club, Barcelona in the upcoming season.

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