David de Gea vs Iker Casillas – Who is the Better Goalkeeper?

Casillas once said on David de Gea’s performance, “One day he will retire us all..” and it seems the day is about to come in next one or two years.

The 24 years old, one of the most handsome footballers, David de Gea, has been competing with Iker Casillas, who has won almost all international leagues for Spain. However, after considering few facts, it seems Casillas will have to watch matches from the reserve bench since David de Gea is growing up in terms of skill and capability to save such shots, what are actually very difficult to deal with.

The £17.8 million Old Trafford’s goalkeeper is better than the home grown goalkeeper of Real Madrid, Casillas, who has won almost all cups he played including World Cup, Euro etc., as outlined by football experts and analysis. Obviously, Casillas is not too old to miss the next Euro, but still it seems he can miss it out due to another beast, de Gea, who is playing really well from the goal line.

David de Gea vs Iker Casillas – Who is the Better Goalkeeper?

Anyway, we have made several surveys and now, this is the time to show you the outcome, which may shock you.

Club Career of David De Gea and Iker Casillas

Both goalkeepers have played at various clubs during youth career. However, now, both of them are settled at Manchester United and Real Madrid respectively. Therefore, the following analysis is based on the senior club team and it is made before 6 April, 2015.

David De Gea vs Casillas

Although, it was hard to say good bye to Van Der Sar in 2011, yet, de Gea came to the attention of former Old Trafford’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson and the deal helped The Red Devils a lot with better quality and consistency.

From 2011 to 2015 (as of today), De Gea has appeared in 125 matches and have won 78 out of them. Manchester United with de Gea has drawn 24 matches since 2011 and lost 23 matches. He played under Sir Alex Ferguson as well as Van Gaal and successfully attracted both of them.

On the other hand, Casillas has been playing awesome at Real Madrid. He is probably the most successful goalkeeper of Real Madrid. But, still, the fan base of de Gea is bigger than Casillas, as of now.

Check out the most important things, what make a good goalkeeper.

Stats of 2014/15 Season

CheckpointsCasillasDavid de Gea
Saves from Shots Inside The Box1.51.7
Important Saves2.42.6
Saves From Shots Outside The Box0.90.9
Crosses Claimed0.70.7
Crosses Punched0.40.2
Total Errors Leading to Goals10

There are only two goalkeepers, who has zero error leading to goals and Simon Mignolet is at the second position followed by David de Gea in English premier League. There are more other things, what make de Gea the best goalkeeper of 2014/15 season in English Premier League.

Not only, club career, but also he can eliminate the captain cum goalkeeper of Spanish squad, Iker Casillas. De Gea has been securing his club’s position by saving goals. Obviously, there should not be any comparison between Casillas and De Gea with won titles and trophies since he has not played as many matches and Casillas did for the country. Nevertheless, he can also beat Casillas’s records in next few years.

Best Goal Saves of David De Gea

No matter whether David de Gea is better that Casillas or Casillas is better De Gea, but the most important thing is they both belong to the same nation. That might create problem for other teams in near future.