Delhi Dynamos Tying up with Real Madrid

Indian Super League franchise, Delhi Dynamos FC is on their way to a tie-up with La Liga giants Real Madrid. This could be an elemental engagement for the ISL team to have an ultra modern infrastructure.Delhi Dynamos tying up with Real Madrid 2

Atletico de Kolkata is already tied up with Real Madrid’s city rival Atletico Madrid from the beginning. Real Madrid, the ten times UCL winner, is the richest club in the world. They are considered as a European power house of football & they were the best club of the last century too. To be linked with them is already good news for Indian football & ISL. It can be consider a dream deal for all & new beginning, new dawn for Indian football. According to reports, the partnership could be the country’s biggest deal in football.

Delhi’s newly-appointed president Prashant Agarwal said that:

“Our goal is to make Delhi a football club from just a franchise. But the partnership is not yet final. They have expressed interest and have said that they want to explore ideas. There could also be another big Spanish club, perhaps Villareal or Valencia, involved in the partnership. This tie-up will put something big in place. Everything is likely to change this time around.”

There are news circulating that Real Madrid will help them to build academy, improve infrastructure, and help them with various sections. Squad members will be also given the opportunity to train & use all the facilities available in Santiago Bernabeu, like last year Atletico De Kolkata enjoyed the same facilities in Vincent Calderon last & train with the Atlético team. There are also possibilities of the transfer of coaching stuffs & players between two teams.

Delhi has a disappointing 1st season in the ISL. They finished in fifth position and did not qualify for the semifinals. They were very ordinary in first couple of matches, and then they started to play good football, but fall short to qualify for the semis.

Delhi already has a partnership with Dutch club Feyenoord Rotterdam. But that partnership has been hit with a feud between the team’s marquee player Alessandro Del Piero and coach Harm van Veldhoven. The Juve legend, who was ISL’s biggest purchase at Rs 10.8 crore. But Veldhoven didn’t use him in right way; he was benched in most of the matches. Clearly, Del Piero was unhappy with the situation & the way he was treated by the coach. Del Piero was troubled with the circumstance & the way he was dealt with by the mentor. Del Piero included in a verbal contention with the group administrator amid the preparation & separated from that there were likewise reports of Del Piero pushing the supervisor away amid a group hone session. That made the situation very tough for the team. Del Piero already hinted that he may not return to India, he said in his latest interview:

“I will remember India and have made a lot of memories here.”

Linked up with Real Madrid means Delhi Dynamos is going to terminate their partnership with Feyenoord Rotterdam. As the new president taking over the club, so it is expected that Dynamo will have a fresh start going into the second edition of the league. And a partnership with Real Madrid would be the best possible way to do that.