Football Should have DRS – What do You Think?

Football – the game of glory was played for the first time in 1892 as a name, American Football. Since then, a lot things have been changed. In every world cup, few things get included. In the last world cup aka World Cup 2014, few interesting and very useful things added. Among all of them, vanishing foam, Goalline Technology and more others.

The last FIFA World Cup was really awesome and lot of things were new in that tournament. Out of all new things, loads if referee mistakes are also included. Sometime, Referee was unable to take the correct decision, give wrong fouls, show controversial Yellow and even Red card and so on.

If you have ever played football, you know that Referee is the only person, who can take the final decision. Players are just for playing the game. You might have already seen to show fouls by assistant referees, but this is up to Referee whether this is actually a foul or not.

Football Should have DRS – What do You Think?

On the other hand, if you talk about Cricket, Tennis ets. You can notice a Review System. In the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup, a new feature or rule is being utilized by the players on the field. This is called Decision Review System aka DRS. Both teams can review over the Umpires’ decision on the field and if they get success, they will get another chances to review another decision in the same game as well. On the other hand, if they fail to get success in DRS, they will lose the DRS facility throughout the game.

A similar system is being used in Tennis and Hockey as well. The Referee cannot give any controversial decision at once. He/she can take the help of assistant referee in between the match before giving any decision.

However, Football doesn’t have any such things while the game in going on. In last world cup, we have seen loads of mistakes made by Referee. In the opening match, Brazil vs. Croatia, a clean penalty was denied by the referee. Same thing was continued in Argentina vs. Iran match. There are more other effulgent instances of various mistakes by Referee, who has the duty to control the match.

If you leave World cup and talk about matches between clubs or national games, you will find thousands of Referee mistakes. One of the best examples is Atletico de Kolkata’s goal by Luis Garcia against Kerala Blasters was declined by Referee as well as assistant referee and this decision caused lose. It was a ghost goal of Indian Super League – in simple words.

Keeping all these things in mind, Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA should include this new system or technology in the next world cup or as soon as possible., according to us.

What do you think about this? Should football have DRS?

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