East Bengal FC : Reasons Behind Disappointing Campaign

Despite making a strong team(maybe the best in India) this season East Bengal’s campaign had ended with utter disgrace. They didn’t end trophy less but the Calcutta league is not a trophy to show off with too much pride.
Last year’s AFC cup semi-finalist have also have a shameful story written in the history book this season. But what was gone wrong with the team which was looked formidable at the start of the season? What are the reasons behind the shameful season for the team which consists the best.

east bengal reason of failure

East Bengal FC : Reasons Behind Disappointing Campaign

Defenders like Arnab Mondal, Raju Gaykowad, Gurbinder singh, consistent defensive mid fielder Mehtab and Harmanjyot Singh Khabra, experienced players Joaquim Abranches, Tulunga, Baljit Singh Saini and the high profile attacking duo Ranti Martins and Dudu failed to make the large fan base of Red and Gold side proud.

In the paper the East Bengal team is much more powerful than the arch rival and present I-league champion Mohun Bagan. But in reality East Bengal the most consistent club of India in the past few years failed and Mariners win the I league after five trophy-less seasons. Now here is, East Bengal FC : Reasons Behind Disappointing Campaign.

There few reasons you can observe

#1 Problems revolving the coach

From the last june Armando Colaco took the job as coach of the East Bengal. But showing various reasons he did not start the pre season training in the right time. He started after a long time after the other big clubs of I-league and continued the training only for 17 days. This paid EB a bad hemorrhage. Most footballers remain unfit and injury became a regular problem. For a long league this is a very bad sign.

After winning the Calcutta League 13 footballers East Bengal had gone to play ISL and Armando permitted the other footballers to take leave and left for Goa for the time of ISL.

Not only that the home sick coach returned to Goa in many occasion and left the team. He didn’t even stay with the team in the time of the fed cup. The team had been left with its manager in the Christmas week in Goa and bid good bye to the tournament.

After sacking Armando East Bengal’s committee members made Elco Satorie the new coach. But the unfortunate season didn’t end. Elco became a media’s catch by his controversial actions. That made the moral spirit of the team tattered and the team suffered the consequences.

#2 Problem named Alvito

Alvito became an asset of East Bengal in his career. But now he is not more than any burden of the club. There are many allegations against him. Even it is also told that he was ignoring the betterment of club while recruiting the foreign players. The flop signing like Leo Bartos and Milan Susak are Alvito’s mistakes.

#3 Failed to recruit the right foreign players

East Bengal failed to recruit the good foreign players in this season and it is an un-erasable mistake when foreign players are the keys to dominate the Indian football. East Bengal’s signings Milan Susak and Leo Bartos failed terribly.
Leo was the marquee player of the East Bengal. But his play didn’t show any kind of glimpse of that stature and that suffered the team very badly.

Another huge failure of the East Bengal managing committee was to replace their best defender Uga Okpara. Okpara consistently give good service for the team but after a minor dispute the committee let him go and find Milan Susak who didn’t play all the matches even returned to his country without playing the last two matches.

#4 Disputes in managing committee

Debabrata Sarkar is the head of every operation in East Bengal. He lead the club with discipline but after the arrest of him the other committee members were running amok and the club was in jeopardize. The disputes were rising again. This turmoil affected the players and it was vividly visible in the matches.

#5 Other Reason

Trevor James Morgan is a name which resides in the hearts of East Bengal players. He led many successful campaigns with the red and gold brigade. So he could be proved as reliable in this tough time. It was also failure of the managing committee to validate the situation and take the right step.

Wrap Up

Though East Bengal is in bad shape right now after the disastrous season but the core team was intact and some new members are to be added to the family and in the right hand this team could achieve their past glories.

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