Eden Hazard vs Wayne Rooney – Full Performance Report and Statistical Comparison

If Manchester United is performing better on the ground, then this is impossible that Rooney is not playing well. Wayne Rooney is such a player, who has the capability to play almost everywhere. Former Red Devils’ coach Sir Alex Ferguson, once implemented him in right-back as well.

Rooney as a right-back???

YES! That was my expression, when I first time heard this news. Rooney is one of the builders and mentors of Old Trafford, who always support young players inside as well as outside of the ground.

Eden Hazard vs Wayne Rooney – Full Performance Report and Statistical Comparison

At the same time, former Lille winger, Eden Hazard, who is currently playing at Chelsea FC, is the Lampard of Chelsea in his absence. As Lampard is currently playing for Manchester City, Chelsea’s fans wanted a ‘Lampard’ in Blues.

Hazard is someone, who can fulfill that position and actually, he is fulfilling the position at Chelsea FC. His assistance, consistency, patience, balance and everything are just next to awesome. He left-winger is the nightmare of right back of opponent team.

Hazard’s balance and dribbling credibility always frighten opponent’s defender as well as left back. Diego Costa’s most of the goals were done with the assistance of Hazard. Another good news is, he is nominated as a PFA Player Of The Year.

Therefore, today we are going to compare these two players based on the performance in Premier League.

Eden Hazard vs Wayne Rooney

Although, Rooney has been playing for more time than Eden Hazard in Premier League, yet, Hazard has made such a statistic, what can be compared with Ronney’s statistics.

Eden Hazard vs Wayne Rooney Comparison

Minutes Played

Although, Chelsea has played 31 matches when Manchester United played 32 match, yet, hazard has spent a lot of more time than Rooney on the field. According to a reliable source, Rooney has spent 2473 minutes after playing 28 matches and Hazard has spent 2751 minutes after playing 31 matches.

Goals and Assist

Rooney has scored 12 goals in Premier League and his goals helped United to win in various times. At the same time, Hazard has also scored 12 goals in 31 matches.

As you have seen the assistance of Hazard in Chelsea’s matches, there is nothing new to say. Diego Costa’s maximum goals have been done via his assistance. At the same time, Rooney is not left behind.

Hazard has assisted multiple times to the strikers. However, his assistance helped 8 times to score goal when, 5 of the assistances helped Manchester United’s strikers to score goal.

Man Of The Match Award

This is where Eden hazard excels. After playing 31 matches, he has been awarded Man Of The Match in 31 times. On the other hand, Rooney has received 3 man Of The Match awards after appearing 28 matches.

Cards Received

Eden Hazard was greeted with 2 Yellow Cards and no Red card when Rooney got 5 Yellow Card and 1 Red Card.

The only red card was the reason when Rooney missed 3 matches and Hazard played more matches than Rooney.

Wrap Up

If Rooney is the man behind Manchester United’s success, then Hazard would have an important role, if Chelsea got the EPL title in this season.