English Premier League Top Scorers of 2014-15

Almost in every matches, you can find at least one awesome goal. However, today, we are going to write down the name and something more about top goal scorers in English Premier League of 2014-15 season, which is currently going on. Although, the Week 31 will be started, yet, you can find some top goal scorers those made helped their team to win in various critical situations.

English Premier League Top Scorers of 2014-15

Please Note: This following list has been made before 31st Week of EPL’s 2014-15 season. It may be changed slightly in future.

Diago Costa – 19


Although, he was born in Brazil but he plays for Spain (national team). Being a forward of Chelsea, he has played 23 matches against various popular football clubs. The most exciting thing is he has scored 19 goals after joining in July 2014. Just after being assigned at Chelsea, he received the Player of the Month award in August 2014. In this year, he has scored total five goals. He has scored one goal each against Hull City, Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton and 2 goals against Swansea City. On the other hand, he did a hat trick in 2014.

Harry Kane – 19


This Tottenham Hotspur’s forward has scored as same as Diago Costa. However, he has appeared 26 times in 2014-15 season, which is more than Diago Costa. Harry Kane got the Player of the Month award twice in 2015 – January as well as February. In 2015, he has scored 9 goals. Among these, 3 of them was against Leicester City. He is a right foot player and he knows how to use his strong points. That is why he has scored 11 goals using right foot and 5 goals using left foot.

Sergio Agüero – 17


This Argentine playing at Manchester City since 2011 and he has received Player of the Month in November 2014. He has appeared in 25 matches on behalf of Manchester City and scored 17 goals. Although, he has not got any goal in last five matches but he has scored 4 goals in 2015 among which, 2 of them was against Stoke City. He is also a right foot player and he has scored 13 goals using right foot and 4 goals using left foot. Unfortunately, he was unable to score any goal using header.

Charlie Austin – 15

Charlie Austin is the main forward of QPR aka Queens Park Rangers. Despite of his first season, he has scored 15 goals in 27 matches. Not only just 15 goals, but also he has a feather of Player of the Match of December 2014 in his crown. He is the most sophisticated player of QPR and that is the reason he has got only two yellow card and only one red card. When it comes to goal scoring month, you cannot find his goal in 2015 since he has scored only 3 goals in 2015. Rest of them was scored in 2014 against various rivals.

Alexis Sánchez – 13

The most emerging player of World Cup 2014, Alexis Sánchez has scored 13 goals in 27 matches in 2014-15 season. Even though, his goal scoring rate has been reduced in 2015 but he is the player, who scored 13 goals and helped his club to win multiple times. Unfortunately, Alexis Sánchez failed to make any hat trick but, he has scored 2 goals against Stoke City on 11 January.

Olivier Giroud – 13

Being a forward of Arsenal, the third position holder in Barclays Premier League, Olivier Giroud has scored 13 goals. Just like Alexis Sánchez, there is no feather of hat trick in Olivier Giroud’s crown. Nevertheless, he has scored 2 goals each against Newcastle United (2) and Middlesbrough F.C. His best game was against Middlesbrough F.C. since he replaces on 82nd minute and after that, he scored 2 valuable goals, which helped him to be one of the top scores in English Premier League 2014-15 season.

Saido Berahino – 12

In 2014-15 season, he has played in 30 matches on behalf of West Brom. In 30 matches, he has scored 12 goals. Among 12 goals, he scored twice against Burnly and Sunderland. Apart from these, he has played well consistently in all matches and that yielded one goal in most of the matches.

Eden Hazard – 11

Although, he has made total 16 goals in all leagues for Chelsea but 11 of them were in English Premier League. There are lots of soccer specialists, who have started comparing this player with LM10 and CR7. The main reason behind this comparison is he has dribble with speed like a diehard forward. He is playing unswervingly but he was criticized after the failure to Atletico Madrid in UCL. He has scored against West Brom, PSG, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur and so on.

David Silva – 11

This Spanish footballer generally appears in the second half as a replacement. However, even after getting less time to score, he has already scored 11 goals for Manchester City. His best score were against Crystal Palace FC and Newcastle United. He scored total 4 goals in those two matches and he started playing from 69th minute against Crystal Palace.

Papiss Demba Cissé – 11

Newcastle player, Papiss Demba Cissé has scored 11 goals in 20 matches in 2014-15 season. He has given his best against Chelsea and scored 2 goals against Chelsea, Hull City as well as Swansea City AFC.

Wayne Rooney – 11

One of the most popular players of EPL in 2014-15 season, Wayne Rooney has scored 11 goals in 26 matches. He is a home grown player of Manchester United. He is popular for his unique celebration style. Not only goals, but also he always helped other players to score goals and that is the reason he has won millions of heart. He scores what it requires the most. For example, he has scored against Spurs as well as Arsenal (though they have lost against Arsenal with 2-1).

So, here are top 11 goal scorers in EPL of 2014-15 season.