The most popular airways of United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways is going to buy 75% ownership/sponsorship of Mohun Bagan, the giant national club of India. Although, there is no such official announcement but, it seems the rumour is true since there are a lot of Terms and Conditions as well.

Etihad Want to Buy 75% Ownership of Mohun Bagan

Currently, McDowell is the main sponsor of Mohun Bagan A.C. McDowell is giving Rs. 10cr to this club per year for development. However, Etihad Airways has decided to give Rs. 15cr per year to Mohun Bagan to buy 75% of Mohun Bagan. If everything is correct, Mohun Bagan will be playing under Etihad privilege from the next season.

Etihad Want to Buy 75% Sponsorship of Mohun Bagan

However, Etihad have some conditions, what they have stated. All the conditions are mentioned below.

  1. Etihad want to buy 75% ownership of Mohun Bagan
  2. The current home ground has to be names as Etihad
  3. They need one chairman and three people in governing body
  4. They will implement one recruitment officer in Mohun Bagan governing body
  5. Not only senior team, but also they need ownership of Youth team
  6. Apart from these, they want Mohun Bagan to play in various international competitions
  7. They want to revamp the home ground of Mohun Bagan to play all home matches
  8. Etihad also want to employ marque players in the team
  9. Mohun Bagan have to play in any international matches where Etihad want to

If Mohun Bagan agree to these terms and conditions, they will get Rs. 15cr per year (Rs. 5cr more than current) for development and all. In addition, the do not have provide the salaries of their players since Etihad will manage it.

According to a report, Etihad and Mohun Bagan representatives have already meet in UK for this matter. However, no official statement has been released, as of now.

Etihad is the sponsor of Manchester City, New York City FC, Melbourne City Football Club etc. and now they want to be a sponsor of Mohun Bagan. It seems, they are trying to be the largest sponsor in soccer world.

P.S.: It can be rumour.