FIFA to Introduce More Racism Surveillance for Word Cup

The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter has announced that a brand new surveillance system will be implemented everywhere to stop discrimination. FIFA has tied up with anti-discrimination organization of Europe, FARE to bring this surveillance as soon as possible – or probably in 2018 World Cup, which is going to be organized in Russia.

FIFA to Introduce More Racism Surveillance for Word Cup

More than 200 racism reports have been reported to FIFA those were taken place during 2012 to 2014 in Russia and that is one of the reasons, why FIFA is about to introduce more racism surveillance for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

SOVA CENTER has reported more than 200 racism incidents those were happened in Russia. According to Reuters (LONDON), this is almost confirmed. Although, FIFA and any other ruling authority has not said anything about this new system and the workflow of this system.

Sepp Blattar has stated that, “A lot of work needs to be done” – even though there is no guarantee whether he will be the next FIFA president or not. Although, a lot of racism incidents have been filed before but there was no role of FIFA to manage them. However, the European governing body, UEFA have given several small punishments for discrimination.

To organize a safe and beautiful World Cup in Russia, this is must to take further steps to prevent racism. Otherwise, there would be huge problems during the world cup – just like Brazil.