World Cup 2014 Champions Defeat against USA in International Friendly Match

Do you remember the last match of Germany against Argentina in which they won the match and World Cup 2014? Obviously YES. That was Germany, according to thousands of football professionals. But, just after one year later in 2015, the same team was defeated against USA in an international friendly match on June 10.

World Cup 2014 Champions Defeat against USA in International Friendly Match

Image Credit: Blackandredunited

May be this is just a friendly match but the defeat is defeat. And this is not a “YET ANOTHER” team. This is Germany in which speed says the last word. However, in this match against USA, the speed of their game was unavailable. Although, Gotze against scores a goal to step ahead, yet, USA’s strikers just turned that match into a different direction.

The current World Cup champions scored a single goal, when USA scored 2 goals among which, Bobby Wood’s goal was just awesome. USA played a sophisticated game throughout the entire match and that helped them to win over Germany.

Goals in USA vs. Germany Match

All those three goals were amazing. The very first goal was scored by Gotze. However, 24 years old midfielder, Petrick Herrmann, who went forward after overcoming two roadblocks. Apart from those two players, he also successfully made the ball for Gotze in the box where another four players were trying to beat them.

The second goal came from USA’s midfielder Mikkel Diskerud. He didn’t face much difficulty to score the equalizer goal.

The third or the winning goal was just amazing, which was scored by Bobby Wood. He got the ball from right wing and scored an awesome goal from outside of the box on 87th minute.

This win against a team like Germany will help them to increase their confidence in Gold Cup. Obviously, Germany doesn’t know how to give up but, that gameplay was not available in their team against USA. This is probably a reason, why Germany lost this match.

Every time German strikers were blocked by USA’s defenders. At the same time, the midfield looked pretty weak as well. Gotze played well but at the end of the day, his goal didn’t helped Germany to win like World Cup final.