Video: Top 7 Goalkeeper Saves of 2015 (Till Date)

This September and a lot of things have happened in this year. Apart from other regular leagues like Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga etc. a big tournament took place in 2015. That is Copa America. No matter which league is going on, but goalkeeper always plays a vital role in all teams. A goalkeeper should be like a wall for opponent. Here are some best goalkeeper saves of 2015 till date.

Some goalkeepers are really outstanding and some of them were average. But, in this list, we have consolidated some best goalkeeper saves of 2015 in all leagues including Copa America 2015.

Top 7 Goalkeeper Saves of 2015 (Till Date)

Thibaut Courtois vs Hull City

This 23 years old former Chelsea goalkeeper was a regular goalkeeper of the Premier League 2014/15 title holder, Chelsea. Although, he has been moved to Atletico Madrid on a loan from Chelsea, but he has saved some sturdy shots, what have helped Chelsea to win the title with a huge point difference.

In a match against Hull City, he did some extraordinary things to save so many goals. Although, he conceded 2 goals, but it could have more than that if Courtois was not the last man of Chelsea in that match. He saved three consecutive powerful shots within 5-6 seconds.

Hugo Lloris vs Manchester United

The Tottenham Hotspur captain and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was one of the best players against Manchester United in one of the premier league matches that took place on 15 March, 2015. Although, Manchester United won the match with a 3-0 score line but, Lloris signified himself with some awesome saves. There were Rooney, Robin van Persie, Falcao and more. But, all of them were blocked by him several times. His save of Ashley Young’s shot made him the better goalkeeper in that match.

Diego Alves vs Real Madrid

Do you know him? This 30 years old Brazilian goalkeeper played a vital role to make the score line level. He has been playing for Valencia since 2011 and saved a lot of goals. However, his save against Real Madrid in 2015 made him the star. In that match on 09/05/2015, he did an awesome job as a goalkeeper, which helped his team to equalize the score line. He save Ronaldo’s penalty, Bale’s highly tricky shot from the right corner and did a lot of things.

David Ospina vs Brazil

Copa America 2015 was full of entertainment and brilliant gameplay. It was a Group C match between Brazil and Colombia. Brazil was in pressure and meanwhile, Neymar got a chance to score a goal. Bu, he FAILED! Why? It was David Ospina, who saved the sure shot goal of Neyrmar from the goal line. This Arsenal’s goalkeeper is also a brilliant stopper for the club.

Joe Hart vs Barcelona

It was Champions League’s Round of 16’s match between Barcelona and Manchester City at Camp Nou, what Barcelona won with a 1-0 lead. But, the score line could have been changed if Joe Hart was not there as Citizen’s goalkeeper. Messi was in top form, Neymar was with full of talent and confidence, full Barcelona team came forward, but the match ended up with just 1-0 goal for Barcelona. Joe Hart played brilliantly to stop Messi and Neymar in another hand.

David de Gea vs Everton

The ‘almost joined’ Spanish goalkeeper of Manchester United played something different, which helped them to win the match against Everton in one of the Premier League matches. Although, Everton played well but David de Gea made them fed up by saving some awesome shots.

Joe Hart vs Swansea City

Its Joe Hart again. But, this time, he is against Swansea City. A sure shot goal from the corner kick was saved by this Manchester City’s goalkeeper. From a lot of free space, Swansea City’s player got a good chance to head the ball and he did. But, unfortunately, the goal was saved by Hart from the left corner. You can check his save here.

Disclaimer: Obviously, there are more other awesome saves than these. If we have missed any really awesome goal save, do let us know.