“Herr Jurgen Take Us Back to Our-Perch”: A Liverpool Supporter’s Analysis

The verdict is finally out and the wait was drastically futile as Jurgen Klopp is poised to take over the Kops succeeding Brendan Rodgers who tenure at best can be said “flattered to deceive”. Rodgers will be best remembered as the one, who for once seemed like destined to win Liverpool’s first ever Premier League Trophy in the modern era.

But professional football is as cruel as it gets as it proved once again that you will not be remembered for making an effort, paving the way for the appointment of Jurgen Klopp arguably the best bet if Liverpool is to get back to its glory days. So let just take a look at why Klopp is considered to be one the best in the business of modern times. In a period, when there is so much talk about financial fair play Klopp succeed in breaking the aura of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

He did have at his disposal the likes of Gotze, Reus, Hummels, Lewandowski, Kagawa, Gundogan, Sahin but his tactical acumen was probably the deciding factor which resulted in 2 league wins, one champion’s league runners up (that too from the group of death), one DFB-Pokal and 3 DFL Super cup. His fast paced, attacking brand of football saw him win consecutive German coach of the year and reached a pinnacle when he gave Bayern a taste of their own medicine by that whipping 5-2 victory in the German Super cup final of the 2012.

Prior to that off course under his brilliant guidance the young, fast energetic Dortmund team probably produced the best team game to signal the shift of power in a 3-1 drubbing of Bayern at the Allianz Arena. Most of the current hot seat EPL managers which include the likes of Mourinho, Pelligrini, and Van Gaal have faced the wrath of this eccentric German with Wenger being the lone exception of having a better head to head statistics.

Race to Anfield Hot Seat:

In the race to the Anfield hot seat his only real competition came from the great Ancelotti and probably a little from Frank De Boar with both Koeman and Garry Monk probably not even close. What might have worked in favour of Ancelotti was his experience of EPL and the one who have actually tasted Champion’s League success with teams from all the major European Leagues.

But again Ancellotti always had a great lineup to fall back on during those triumphs be it with Madrid or Milan or Chelsea, which is certainly not the case with Liverpool as of now. What has certainly worked in the favour of the German was his team building capabilities and challenging the dominance of the champions as the underdog by making the most out of what he has at his disposal much like what Guus Hiddink achieved with both South Korea and Russia at the international level.

Jürgen Klopp

Why it could be the best match possible:

He will do one thing for sure is that not built up a team with money unlike City or Chelsea. Taking into consideration the Dortmund scenario it just might be a perfect match. With the young and promising talents like Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana, Origi, Ings he certainly has a group which can very much evolve into world beater.

The likes of Milner, Henderson, Benteke, Sturridge are already successful to some extent and lend the much need experience and stability to the squad. Emre Can definitely has a big role to play given his nationality and also being a more or less regular now. Guys like Lovren or Sakho definitely need to prove their mettle and it will definitely not be easy to convince Klopp to give either of them a preference to partner Skartel given the dedication level Klopp demands out of his players.

‘We might not conquer the world – but we will conquer the ball!’

It is definitely now clear how much and what exactly Klopp wants from his player from his very first tryst with the media at Anfield. At Anfield, he will definitely have one of the most faithful of the fan bases. The fall from being a European power house to a mid-table team has been agonizingly painful and long.

It has been 8 long years since that revenge defeat in Athens at the hands of AC Milan and the last year was more disturbing given the team could not progress beyond the group stages beyond Basel. All this have made the fans somewhat patient and realistic about their dreams. This will definitely help Klopp in some ways. Strip away the nostalgia and past glories and here in Liverpool, Klopp just have the right club with a good fan base and a decent transfer budget and more than that a struggling mid-table club, vying to be the best once more just like Dortmund before he took over.

Nevertheless it will certainly be a daunting task for Klopp given that the quality between teams in EPL are very little and number of big teams are more ,unlike that of the Bundesliga where defeating Bayern across two legs will get the bulk of the job done. It’s a new challenge for Klopp as per as the domestic season is considered and it is certainly a mouth-watering prospect to look forward as to how he goes about revitalizing the squad in case Liverpool do make it to Champion’s League.

Final Word:

Whether Liverpool will finally be able to crack the Premier League era jinx or add to the 5 European championships is for time to decide but till then from Anfield perspective this just might turn out to be one of the best signings in recent times no less than that of Torres, Suarez, Alonso or Garcia and from Klopp’s perspective this will certainly be a step forward towards the coaching greatness if he is able to revive Liverpool fortunes.