Emotional Goodbye Message of Iker Casillas to All Real Madrid Fans

The long love affair has come to an end. After 25 years of service, Iker is finally leaving Real Madrid and joining Porto in the upcoming season. The news created shock-wave among the fans. It is very emotional for them as their hero, legend is leaving the club. Though the news was expected but the fans were never ready for this.

Iker Casillas Final Press Conference For Real Madrid

Iker Casillas Final Press Conference For Real Madrid

What Iker Casillas Said in his Last Interview as Real Madrid player

“First of all, thank you for being here, for joining me on this special moment. I came to this great stadium to say goodbye to all of you and especially Real Madrid. Since yesterday I stopped belonging to Real Madrid.”

He talked about the reason of joining Porto, he continued:

“The decision to go to Porto is the illusion that you have given me, President Lopetegui coach and entire team. And second by the affection I’ve been getting from people when they learned that my destination was Portugal. I have won and that makes me very happy, I will do my best not to disappoint them and fight to the fullest. Porto thanks for trusting me. “

Last 2 years, it has been lots of up and down for Casillas. He has been criticized for his performance various time, but on important days he came out as a savior. Without any doubt, there is lot of football remain in him. He is experienced and know how to handle the pressure, so Porto’s decision to take him as goalkeeper can proved as brilliant decision for them.

In this interview, Iker talked about his days in Real Madrid, he stated:

“After 25 years defending the shield of the best team in the world, comes the difficult day to say goodbye to this institution that has given me everything. It seems like yesterday when, as a child, dressed first once this shirt and fulfilled a dream. During this time we have laughed, I cried, I won, lost … This club has shaped me as a person, has helped me to grow, with values such as respect, friendship and above all, humility. I tried to take them wherever I went.”

With time team changes but in front of the goal Real always have their dependable man, the wall Iker Casillas. He talked about his companions, managers and all other people related his time in Real Madrid.

“I remember all the companions I have had, I have lived unique moments with them and have been my family. I leave great friends. Also all my coaches, since I had when I started as a child. Mezquita, who rescued me until my last coach. Carlo Ancelotti Of all I have learned many things from the coaching staff all have passed me understanding, wisdom, experience and professionalism.”

He ended the interview by thanking his family and left some emotional and beautiful massage for all the Real Madrid fans, followers in the world.

“All my love to my father and family, who have helped me so much. And especially to my wife and son who shared this exciting journey day by day.”

“These last lines, I want to dedicate to Real Madrid. Thanks to your unconditional support. For helping to lift each cup, being there, stretch out your hand and pull her up. Whether it has been good or bad goalkeeper, I hope people remember me for being a good person, with my faults and qualities. Thanks, thanks, thousand thanks. I will never forget and wherever you go, keep shouting Hala Madrid! “

Iker Casillas Last Interview as a Real Madrid playerImage Credit : Iker Casillas Facebook Page

Wrap Up

He is the best keeper in Real Madrid and Spanish history, one of the best of this generation. What he achieved in this club in beyond imaginable. He has every trophy in his cabinet, from World Cup to UCL, club world cup to Euro. He is a great leader, captain, player and inspiration for both the country and club. His departure will definitely bring some controversy towards the Club and President, but it’s good for both the club and Casillas himself. Real Madrid will definitely miss player, character like him. From Footballlens, We wish him good luck and a great adventure ahead.