India vs Oman: Indian Team Undergoes Army Training

Indian football team is hitting the hard finally as the match against Oman in World Cup 2018 Preliminary Joint Qualifier comes closer. Believe it or not, four days before the India vs Oman match, the Indian football team had been introduced to a new process of team building. The new concept adopted by the management was to train the players under army training! Indian Players Army Training

The team gathered at Army Service Corps Centre today prior to face twenty one different hurdles and barriers along with various team building recreational games.

The discoverer of this new idea, Mr. Stephen Constantine, the head coach of Indian Football team, thought it to be refreshing and a good way to switch off from “football” and build more of team spirit and brotherhood.

The foreigner coach of Indian Football team said

“In order to build a team of any kind and in any sphere of life, be it in business or corporate world or sports teams, you need people who can work under pressure.”

While earlier we have seen coaches taking the team to high altitude or deliver some salt therapy making players workout in beaches, this idea, so far has been a new and fresh one. In order to explain the need of such moves Mr. Constantine deliveredIndian Players Army Training

“You need to see people at their breaking point. By putting the players under extreme pressure, you find out and separate the men from the boys.”

Coach also wanted to deliver to his players to stand for each other and play for each other. He continued

“Obviously the military are experts in putting people in high pressure and difficult situations because they can’t afford the soldier to make a mistake at a critical point. From our perspective, it helped in team building with players getting to trust each other in difficult situations and fighting against the odds.”

To keep the team strong enough in difficult situations, like when they are down already in first half or the team is finding it very hard to break the opponent’s defence, this training needed to be delivered. Constantine said

“And both psychologically and physically, we benefited immensely. Whenever the players have a difficult time together, they are mentally stronger.”

Well, while having a chat with the players the briefest conclusion was delivered by none other than India’s famous side back Sandesh Jhingan. The defender, quoting on such training simplified as

“Quitting in such situations is uncalled for”.

The gist of the process and training was explained by the Sporting Club de Goa and Kerala Blasters FC defender in his own way –

“Go for it. Not going for it is a problem. At the outset I felt the barriers were a bit difficult. But I went for it; in fact, we all went for it. The initiative was a reminder for all how mentally strong you need to be. There is no place for any negativity. At one moment while crossing on the rope, I knew that if I fell down, anything could have happened. But I backed myself.”

Wrap Up:

Well its undeniable, that Constantine has started his own method to make the players from different clubs fall in a one team! The army training was surely a gesture to appreciate but for the results we have to hold on to 11th June when 141 ranked Indian football team will take on 97 ranked Oman. Till the kickoff stay tuned to Football Lens as we continue to deliver you all!