The possible iLeague title-holder of 2014/15 season, Mohun Bagan has a final clash against Bengaluru FC today at 7pm at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. Before playing the away match against the same club, which was defeated to Green and Maroons in February, here is the interview with the Mohun Bagan coach, Sanjay Sen.

Pre-Match Interview with Mohun Bagan Coach Sanjay Sen

Pre-Match Interview with Mohun Bagan Coach Sanjay Sen

In last 13 years, Mohun Bagan has not won a single iLeague title and that is really unfortunate. On the same matter, Sanjay Sen has told,

This is my first stint with Bagan. In Kolkata, the only thing is to win. It has been 13 years since we have won the I-League. It’s very exciting for me, and for the lakhs of our supporters. If we can give back something to them, that will be the greatest moment of my career.

Kolkata is the heart of Indian football, where a club like Mohun Bagan is hailing from. Today they are going to play against Bengaluru FC at their home ground, Bangalore. Although, in the first match of this season, Mohun Bagan defeated BFC with 4-1 score line, Mr. Sanjay Sen doesn’t want to take that as easy as supporter might thinking.

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This season, they need one more point to hold the iLeague title. That simply implies a draw can do the job. However, Sanjay Sen doesn’t want to draw this match. Their mindset should be win-win. On the same pitch, he has said,

I don’t think there is any advantage. Yes, if we cannot win (again), a draw is welcome (a draw is enough for Bagan to become champion). But, when you play for a draw, you are inviting trouble. We will definitely aim for a win.

Not only the manager, but also the Cameroon striker of Mohun Bagan, Pierre Boya also want to get this point to be a champion.

I already have stories to tell my children about my football career. If we win the I-League, I will have more stories to tell. Playing football without winning trophies makes no sense. This is a great opportunity to win.

The center back of Bengaluru FC, John Johnson has said,

These kinds of matches definitely makes you excited. These are the ones that you look forward to. You work hard all season, and it boils down to this.