Is Andrea Pirlo Joining Liverpool?

The biggest buzz in Football world right now is whether Andrea Pirlo is joining Liverpool or not. This 35 years old Italian midfielder has become talk of discussion since then. Liverpool are all set to sign the veteran Juventus this summer. Though his contract with his current team has not come to an end and he still has a year to end the contract, but still he is eager to leave Juventus.

Andrea Pirlo

Why Liverpool need Andrea Pirlo?

Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers is too eager to include this talent in his team as Steven Gerrard will leave the team this year and Rodgers badly needs a replacement and none can be more perfect than Pirlo. The situation has become more twisted as Chelsea is also interested in Pirlo. The absence of Gerrard is giving Rodgers a nightmare. Only Andrea Pirlo can restore his sleep.

Interesting enough that he will join with a small fee or even on a free transfer. that will be more advantage for team Liverpool to  a financial package that will  help to meet his personal demands and other benefits.

Andrea Pirlo’s current form

Andrea Pirlo is right now in the peak of his form and in the last match Juventus beat Real Madrid in the first leg of the semi-final only on the strong shoulder of Andrea Pirlo in 2-1. Another important fact that comes along is that he is not interested to continue in Italian League anymore and too keen to join Premier League and hinted that he can attracted to an MLS franchise.

Wrap up

Andrea Pirlo’s Liverpool joining is definitely big news not only for the team but for the Liverpool fans too. He can not only play a class football but also entertains the audiences and fans with a excellent skills. So hopefully Andrea Pirlo Joining Liverpool.

Can’t wait to see Pirlo playing for Liverpool.