ISL 2 auction of Indian players

Indian Super League aka ISL 2015 is here and this time it comes with more excitement. Tomorrow, 10th July will be the auction of the 2nd edition of the Indian Super League. This time there will be players who were not playing in previous season. Their induction will make the ISL more brilliant.

Last year Bengaluru FC, Pune FC, Sporting Club de Goa and Royal Wahingdoh didn’t loan their players to ISL franchises as they didn’t waste their players on injuries playing in the Indian Super League and this led to missing some great Indian players; even Indian captain Sunil Chetri was not a part of the 1st season of the ISL. But the clubs are ready to lend their players.

ISL 2 auction of Indian players

ISL 2 auction of Indian players

Now players of this I-League clubs who also played in the Indian National team will be on the auction and more likely that these players will be on the list of every franchise.

Robin Singh

Robin Singh is one of the most expensive players of ISL 2.

Once Robin Singh is considered as one of the brightest striker of the Indian football. He didn’t show much promise later in his career but he played regular in renowned I-League clubs like East Bengal, Bengaluru FC and Indian national team. As a forward he can be decisive in any matches. His latest stats are here:

Club career:


India national team:


Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri is the face of the Indian football and one of the most expensive players for ISL 2 auction. He had played for almost all the biggest club in India and some of the foreign clubs too. He is the captain of the Indian national team. His performance is decisive in the Bengaluru FC’s excellent I-League runs. His latest stats are here:

Club career:


India national team:


Anas Edathodika

Anas Edathodika in ISL 2 auction

He is the nucleus of the defense of the Pune FC. A good body build up helps him very much with his impressive ability to man marking and good positional awareness. Due to his good height he is as much a threat during aerial attack and same good blockade during aerial defense. He is the key player to be the runners in the I-League in 2012-13 season and he is also the 1st Indian Player of The Year for the Pune FC.

Arata Izumi

Arata Izumi is one of the most expensive players of ISL 2.

He is Japanese International later he came to India and take Indian Nationality. This midfielder played successfully in East Bengal, Mahindra United and Pune Fc in India and got selected in Indian National team. He is a reliable player in the heart of the field. Though his age is 32 but still there is some brilliant plays still can be given by his feet. His latest stats are here:


Eugeneson Lyngdoh

Eugeneson played for Rangdajied United, shilong Lajong and Bengaluru Fc and made great impressions in all these clubs performances. He played key roles from center midfield position by assisting and scoring goals. He also made his debut in Indian team just earlier this year against Nepal.

Club career:

Rangdajied United2013-14222
Bengaluru FC2014-15339

Jackichand Singh

Jackichand Singh in ISL 2 auction

This Royal Wahingdoh player made his place in every recruiter’s worksheet by his exquisite performances. He played a crucial role to promoting Wahingdo to the 1st division of the I-League and then he continued his performance for the 2014-15 season of I-league and became the Best player of the season for 2014-15. Now the big clubs of the nation are trying to snatch him.

Club career:


Satiyasen Singh

Seityasen Singh ISL 2 auction

Irom Seityasen Singh was always standing beside his Wahingdo mate Jackichand. As a winger he was nightmare of the opponent’s defense. His fast pace makes him lethal and he adequately assist Jackichand and led his team to victory. He also debuted for Indian national team against Oman earlier this year. His latest career stats are here:

Club career:


Rino Anto

Rino-Anto - indian player for isl 2 auction

Rino Anto is the right back of the Bengaluru FC. He leads the attacks from the right sides. His eccentric pace, exceptionally accurate crosses and marvelous throw-ins make him the one of the brightest at his position although his defensive skills are doubtful as he lost tracks of his opponent wingers. Still he made impressive performances for the decan side.


Thoi Singh

Thoi Singh indian player for isl 2 auction

Bengaluru FC’s 24 years old midfielder is known for his exceptional ability to take work load and ball snatching from the opponents and more over that he also scores and assists regularly. The pocket-sized midfielder is power packed as he is technically sound as well makes quick transitions between defense and attack. He also has played a key role to win both, the I-League and the Federation Cup quite early on in his career.


Karanjit Singh

Karanjit Singh is one of the most expensive players of ISL 2.

Karanjit Singh gave Subrata Pal a strong competition for selection of the national side. At his present age, he is going into the finest time of his career as he gains sufficient experience, reflex and agility. He is an excellent goalkeeper without any massive weakness.


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