Javier Hernandez Rejected MLS Offer to Join Orlando City

The Maxican forward, Javier Hernandez, who is currently playing in Real Madrid as an on loan player by Manchester United, has refused to be assigned at Orlando City, which is a club of Major League Soccer.

The Brazilian midfielder, Kaka is currently playing at Orlando City – though, he has gone to Sao Paulo as an on loan player. This MLS club is currently building a high quality team and that is why they assigned kaka back in 2014. On the other hand, they are trying to bring some more players under one roof.

Javier Hernandez Rejected MLS Offer to Join Ornaldo City

Javier Hernandez played at Old Trafford from 2010 to 2014 and in 2014; he went to Real Madrid as an on loan player. Although, he is now a part of Real Madrid, yet, he is not perfect for that a club like Real Madrid. At the same time, the current coach of The Reds clearly declared that he has no future at Old Trafford.

Javier Hernandez doesn’t want to play in other league except English Premier League. He doesn’t want to spend his precious time in any other league since this is the peak time of this career. That is the main reason why Javier Hernandez has rejected the £6m offer at Orlando City, where Kaka is earning £4.83m per year.

Latest Transfer News of Javier Hernandez

From a reliable source of news, we have come to know that this on loan forward of Real Madrid may join either West ham United or Southampton those are currently standing on 9th and 7th position respectively. We have also come to know that he already has the offer from those two EPL clubs.

Current Form of Javier Hernandez

We haven’t seen Javier Hernandez to play on the ground throughout entire game. Last time, he was appeared for whole 90 minutes against Ludogorets in an UCL match for Real Madrid. Therefore, this is quite difficult to say anything about his form based on score. Anyway, he is playing well but not up to the mark. That is why Carlo Ancelotti always give him the opportunity to play as a substitute.