Jose Mourinho is better than Arsene Wenger – Patrick Vieira

Arsenal Legend and current New York City FC manager, Patrick Vieira has claimed that Jose Mourinho better than Arsene Wenger in understanding the opponent’s game and getting the best out of his own players.

The former Senegal international played for Arsene Wenger from 1996 to 2005 and also played for Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan. Vieira is one of the most celebrated legends in Arsenal’s history and is one of the best men Arsene Wenger had. Vieira won the golden Premier League with Arsenal, playing a vital part in the team’s success. The Senegal star still remains the best holding midfielder that Arsenal had and is considered as one of the very best central holding midfielders the football game has ever seen.

The former Gunner’s claims might have surprised many fans and might have broken the hearts of many Gunners, but the former Juventus, Inter and Manchester City man told what he felt and he justified his opinions.

Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira is seen as one of the ideal members from the glorious Arsenal team of late to replace Arsene Wenger, but none of the actions were taken by the Arsenal management and the player take a managerial role with Ney York City FC, owned by the last club he played for; Manchester City.

The 39-year-old also expressed his wish to take over Arsenal from Arsene Wenger but was not impressed with the fact that he was never approached by his former manager.

In his interview with The Times, the Invincible Premier League winner told that Jose Mourinho influenced him more than Arsene Wenger and claimed that the Portuguese is still one of the best managers in the world amid being sacked by Chelsea last month.

“He was the one who impressed me most on his work ethic. He knew everything about the opposition, the strength, weakness. His detail was unbelievable – everything was so clear about what he wanted from each player.”

“I don’t know what happened at Chelsea but he always got the best out of his players.”

Despite playing just 18 months under Jose Mourinho, Vieira feels that the Portuguese had a bigger effect on him than the man who made Vieira as one of the best midfielders of all-time.