Many a times we do discover that, stars fall of the sky before turning to a legend. Now that’s not something very new actually. Players and coaches have been there who have fallen apart soon after reaching a high milestone. So, the question remains how does a star fall-off? What constraints prevent him, to be the larger than life character, he always dreams to be?


Jose Mourinho: a successful journey

Today, for example let us talk about a certain Special One! Well, the carrier of the recent Chelsea manager has been outstanding no doubt. Jose Mourinho first emerged into the eyes of the world when grabbing the Champions League with Porto back in the year of 2003-04. Later, he achieved enormous success with Chelsea FC, having won back to back Premier Leagues and a record point lead Premier League wins. Later, He had a great run with Inter Milan also. In Italy, Jose won back to back Serie A in 08-09 and 09-10. The person yet again won another Champions League with his squad in 09-10. The Spanish journey of this brilliant coach was though not that smooth. Yet, he claimed a début La Liga with his Real Madrid squad but failed to remain in the top, because of an extremely strong FC Barcelona squad. However, the man rejoined the London Giant in 2013 and finished third, four points down than the champion Manchester City. The very next year, he confirmed the league title again.

Manchester City vs Chelsea Match preview Mourinho against top five in last two season

Jose Mourinho; a star manager

Now, that was a beautiful run, no-doubt. In this run, the manager had shown proper flairs of brilliance everywhere. The man who secured his first Champions League with pressing football all-round making central midfielder and full backs dance on opponents penetrative zone, has also under gone the way of “park the bus” to cinch his latest Premier League title,

after he was left with an injured Diego Costa. We have seen his brilliant scouting team fetching talents form deep sea. We experienced his way to prove his attachment to his club sometimes by asking Liverpool fans to shut up, sometimes having a rough moment with Wenger, sometimes taunting other teams with visual displays. Well there is no doubt, that the man knows how to handle his position. His management qualities are unquestionable!

Jose Mourinho; Not A Legend

Now, the question remains, what would it take to make a man, a milestone, a legend! Well, Jose is arguably most successful manager in the last decade, but how does, a football world remain silent to grant him that untouchable respect. Well, if you think it’s his arrogance, you are wrong, because football always had a special place for his arrogant masters. Be it George Best, be it Diego Maradona or Enzo Bearzot or Paolo Rossi. But over the time, those were granted the legends place in people’s heart who had offered something very new or for the very first time. Who eventually became a trend setter in the business! Sir Alex Ferguson surely was one of them producing champions for almost two decades. So, is Arsene Wenger with his monetary constraints, while fighting with rich clubs and securing Arsenal’s trend to remain in the top fights of European giants; along with producing legends in different positions! Pep Guardiola had shown the world a progressive and much attacking tiki-taka, and gifted the world a false 9 along with Lionel Messi in that position.

Ernst Happel, Miguel Muñoz, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Marcelo Lippi, Rinus Michels, Guus Hiddink, Giovanni Trapattoni all of them had such special touches over the game in their managerial life, that had huge impact over it changing the game’s contemporary style. Now, this is where the self-claimed special one lacks! Yes, the person knows pretty well how to lay the money off, or how to manage the media, the mass or a Cristiano Ronaldo in his side, but he doesn’t have any football ideas to offer to the world. Given a certain amount of money, the coach every times buys some talents immediately after joining a team and the glories he achieved have all based on such brought in talents, and well-known formulas. Now, Jose certainly knows how to implement the process the way to glory with proper spending again and again, like some smart, managing director of some multinational company, but that never had or would include any new idea to take over the ground.

To me, the person surely had his chances, when that Porto manager sublimed the whole Europe with his pressing football, but the path he led his carrier on with Chelsea FC, Inter Milan and Real Madrid has ruined such chances, and it’s very unlikely to change.

Sorry Sir,

One thing is for sure, Jose would capture some trophies in future with some rich clubs to support him. He would also get brushed away as some new genius will always be there to make Jose run behind, but this Special one would never be there in the book of Football’s Most Romantic Nights. It takes more than just wittiness to be a legend.