Louis Van Gaal, The Right Man in Job for Manchester United

Louis van Gaal and his ‘philosophy’! It’s been a long road that the Dutch manager is been criticized for ‘his way of football’ in Old Trafford. The Manchester United manager though has given us some sort of visual about the dream he has been chasing, in last Anfield encounter. Let us, put the coins together and get the clear idea, what LVG wants at United.

Louis van Gaal

LVG, the right man brings United back to place.

When was the last time, any Manchester United team ruled out the opponent at Anfield with their best two players delivering a flop show? It’s hard to think any of it. But last Sunday, the devils performance was a show of eleven’s but of any particular individual. Like Van Gaal’s favourite phrase ‘I don’t like to talk about individuals’  the team also have secured three important points out of their rival’s pocket having Rooney and Di Maria’s flop show. Now that is what LVG has been rooting for. He always opted for a team rather than any special player taking the team up and over. Yes, Mata did pick two goals but the effort was thoroughly a team-effort.

Previously we have noticed Van Gaal giving opportunities to a lot of players, sometimes even benching the stars. There lies the one line solution. The Dutch coach is trying to build a unit where the players would be dependable enough to replace each other at any point. That will make the future struggles disappear which other former champions are going through. If we take Mourinho for an instance it’s no surprise that whatever team he leaves (He stays very short period in each) the team struggles immediately, as in most of the cases the teams are built of individual brilliance taking over.

The dog seasons after Ferguson’s retirement this is exactly what United needed to gather up. If we recall Fergi did the same in the tough season of 2004 and 2005. He re-build the team that had given glory for next couple of years, not to forget even after losing Cristiano Ronaldo.

The team United needs another proper re-building and Louis van Gaal is well headed to that. Youngsters like David de Gea, Luke Shaw, Marcos Rojo, Adnan Janujaz and Paddy McNair are real big investments for the future. With players like Rooney, Carrick, Hummels (almost done deal) around they will be guided properly also. Thus from many different corner LVG is only opting to rebuild the Manchester United, yet again.

The primary target of Louis van Gaal was to set Manchester United in top four. From the look of the Premiere League table and United’s recent form, it’s likely that United will easily achieve that. The next target remains to set the team back at Europe’s top most benches, and with the youngsters and bring-in investments it is clear the next part is on the move also.The last project of LVG’s coaching career would surely bring back United its dominant days.