Luis Suárez Controversies: Entertaining and Freaky

Today we are going to talk about a legendary player who is one of the most entertaining character in field too. But wait to get excited because when am sayingentertaining as his entertainment act is a bit shocking too. I know you have already guessed and you are right. It’s the Luis Suárez, a star with a violent streak!!!

Let’s Take a Look in Some of Suárez Most Controversial Acts (beside football)
Press Conference with Suarez

Using Hand (2010 world cup)

It was 2010 world cup quarter final match between Ghana and Uruguay. And to a real surprise the match became a historical and controversial too when Uruguayan player Luis Suárez’s last-minute handball forced Ghana lose the match and hope for 2010 world cup.


Luis Suárez’s most vicious victory. ‘Biting a player’!!! The name of the suddenly famous victim was Otman Bakkal. This cannibal act in 2010 Dutch League was a much talked about action that startled the whole world.

Again he proved his love for human flesh in 2013 Premier League. This time the target was poor Branislav Ivanović, a Chelsea defender. Though he apologized to Ivanović and the football fraternity it was rejected by Ivanović.

2014 World Cup proved his insanity once again. Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian defender was the third victim of Luis Suárez’s cannibal streak and the teeth once again proved their skills up and above the feet!

Racial Abuse (2011 Premier League)

Another milestone. Racial comment and abuse against Manchester United player Patrice Evra. This man surely has guts!!!

Punching (2013 World Cup)

This time something new. Punching and tussling with Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara in 2013 World Cup. What is wrong with this man, you ask? How about I just answer, this is what happens when an overrated lad tries his feet into Forlan’s shoe!


Luis Suárez
Tottenham Hotspur, defender Michael Dawson, and in another match Scott Parker were enlisted themselves in his list of ‘kick and fun’ victims! Even Cantona felt ashamed after watching this Super Human Samurai!

Improper Gesture to The Audience

This is something too awful an action for a player.  After his first score he showed his middle figure towards Fulham fans and guess what! This only made him more lovable football character or should I say on field massacre!
And last but not the least

Pulling Hair

Trust me nothing can be funnier than this. Pulling the curly hair of Rafael Da Silva!!!  Surely such curls can make any one jealous, but dude! U just can’t do that! You just can’t keep on questioning your human fraternity.

If that are all you think then he has some more entertainments for you, like faking an injury, diving on the ball to stop a kick, being insanely odd by refusing to shake hand with a player, Patrice Evra.

If Suarez is there on the ground, buy a ticket and enjoy the entertainment! For your benefit I must inform you, he is reported to have some trouble with his fellow-star Neymar at Barcelona! Come Sunday it’s El-Clasico! Want to keep fingers crossed?

Wrap up

Well this is all for now. Even we can’t handle any more. Suárez, a world class player with such an unusual instinct is surely funny and annoying at the same time.

And it is still a topic that brings debate and controversy. How much the rules and punishments are effective and the way Luis Suárez was freed from any strict action left some unanswered questions regarding the clarity of the most entertaining sport of the world? What do you think?