Luis Suarez quit Liverpool to Win Champions League with Barcelona

Luis Suarez. The name is more controversial than any other players in football. He is always in news for some or the other reasons. Today he is again in news for his candid rather explosive declaration. Luis Suarez finally admits his reason to quit Liverpool and to join Barcelona. According to him it is purely in order to win the Champions League!!!

Luiz Suarez


The ultimate confession!!! Luis Suarez quit Liverpool to Win Champions League with Barcelona. The chance to win the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona is clearly high, according to this 28 years Barcelona forward. He switched to Nou Camp in last year July in a whopping £75million deal only to ensure the win.

Luis Suarez gives reasons for joining Barcelona

Suarez openly declares

“Barcelona are always a candidate to win the Champions League. That’s a plus here, as the clubs I’ve played for before didn’t really have the chance to win big (European) trophies – maybe a domestic league or cup.”

He also added

“Playing in a team like this, where all the players want to win every match and everything that is a sign that it’s all about silverware – whether it’s the Champions League, the Liga or whichever trophies available. We have a chance of making the final.”


Just before the quarter-final match with Paris St Germain, this news is quite startling for the whole football fraternity.  In accordance with the revelation, he believes it just gave him a bit more possibility to win the prestigious UEFA Champions League which is almost impossible for his previous team Liverpool.

Without Suarez, Liverpool’s Champions League battle was finished in the group stage while Barca is ready for today’s quarter-final match with St Germain.  With the announcement the pressure to win today’s match becomes all the more vital for Barcelona.

Liverpool: now and then

The fact remains clear that without this talent Liverpool already is in a struggling situation. But before this harsh revelation the ‘star’ must remember that the club have won more European trophies than any other English team with five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.

Wrap up

Luis Suarez is too confident to Win Champions League with Barcelona and the fact remains clear that he does not find team like Liverpool is not worthy enough to win such prestigious league. Any win, needs a perfectly co-ordinated team, management and of course personal talent.

We hope Suarez’ decision will bring him what he wanted but his what amount of controversy his comment will create; we have to wait a bit for that!!!