Luke Shaw To Justify £28 Million Price Tag | Manchester United News

After a quite long time, the former Southampton defender, appeared in Chelsea vs Manchester United match on Saturday, what United lost with 1-0. One of the best left back of United, Luke Shaw came to the ground after six weeks injury.

Old Trafford made a deal with Shaw for £28 million but the performance of this defender has not been up to the mark. Due to his consecutive bad performances, some people started criticizing this player from the initial days. According the some football match analysts, Luke Shaw’s deal is the worst deal that Manchester United have ever made.

Luke Shaw To Justify £28 Million Price TagManch

However, against Chelsea, Shaw has played brilliantly. He has assisted midfielders as well as strikers multiple times and that is reason, why United ruled in that match. Although, they lost to Chelsea, yet, the ball possession rate was much higher than their rival.

Do you remember the match against Arsenal, when Van Gaal replaced Luke Shaw with Phil Jones on 46th minute? After that substitution, media started criticizing this left back. Even some people said that Shaw was not 100% fit and that’s why United’s boss replaced him. However, after that match, Shaw had been out of the ground for six long weeks. Here, some criticizers again got another reason to condemn him on his fitness.

Nevertheless, after playing against Chelsea, Shaw has outlined that,

I am still young and coming to the biggest club in the world hasn’t been easy for me. I haven’t been playing and there has been a lot of negative comments about me.

It is something that isn’t nice and I’ve tried to ignore it, but hopefully the Chelsea game is the start of me coming back. I am positive. It was my first performance for six weeks, so it was great to be back on the pitch.

He further added,

I saw a comment the other day saying I was taken off at half-time against Arsenal because I wasn’t fit enough, but that’s not true at all…

I know what the manager pulled me off for and it wasn’t for my fitness because I could have carried on in the game.

I spoke with the manager about it. I felt my back a little bit and he just wanted to be careful because I am young and hopefully have a long future ahead of me. Over the last three weeks, I have learned a lot from him and credit goes to him for trusting me in a big game like this one. He has two sides to him, but he is genuinely a really nice guy and a great manager.

Shaw is coming back to his form and this 20 years old young player can be a key player for Manchester United.

What do you think? Can Shaw justify his £28 million price tag, what Old Trafford made with him?