Manchester City Needs to Sign Big Players : Manuel Pellegrini

After delivering his idea of buying quality players rather than producing home grown talents the Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini displayed his urge to sign some big names again this summer, in order to keep matching up with rivals.

Manuel Pelligrini in need of signing big names

Manuel Pellegrini trying to sign big names

As the EPL has entered its climax, Pelligrini is more and more getting concerned about the recent falling behind of the Manchester Blues. After coming down to the fourth position of the table, Manchester City boss, is indeed in a need of signing a ‘crack’ player this summer. This crack player is believed to be a superstar of Sergio Aguero, and emphasised to sign such deal, this summer only.

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City manager today quoted

“Well, it is just the way of thinking that big teams need to sign a big player. It is very difficult to do it every year – but every two years you must do it.”

Pellegrini also added

“I’m not just talking about Manchester City. You see Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich – all the big clubs – they all do it. It is important to have big names.”

Manuel Pelligrini thoughtful about his future at Manchester City

Critics though have pointed the matter with two different angels. One, it is a plea for more cash in, specially being completely ruled out with last summer’s transfer disappointment. The other view has something to do with his next quote which remain

“I don’t want to talk about (plans) for next season because we have to finish this season. It is very important the way we finish this season before we analyse all the players. So it is not the right moment to talk about it.”

It is almost transparent enough, that Manuel Pellegrini is now worried about his future with Manchester City. The recent drop off by the team has not only, shaken the manager’s confidence of the title hunt, but also he is now worrying every second about being able to finish runners-up at the end, or even worse.

The Manchester City coach have expressed the hiccup saying

“Well we are not thinking about just one team. I think it is important for our team to finish at the top of the table but if we can’t win the Premier League then we must try to be second.”

Manuel kept saying

“But it is important to play from now until the end of the season in a way that shows you are an important team and are prepared to fight until the last game to try and retain the title.”

Wrap Up:

The sudden off form and recent threats by Arsenal and United, not to mention Chelsea’s smooth run have indeed shaken the City coach’s confidence. It will be interesting to see, what the management does after such an outburst of low self-esteem.