Manchester United Boss is happy with the win but Supporters aren’t

Manchester United, the Red Devils, are struggling hard in this season in all leagues/tournaments including English Premier League. Although, Manchester United are standing on 5th position on EPL table, but that is now where they should be. Supporters are already unhappy with the boring game of Manchester United. On the other hand, some surveys have already claimed that Manchester United’s gameplay is the most boring in English football.

Controversy begins when thousands of United supports left the stadium even before the Manchester United vs Sheffield United game ends. Although, United won the match with a 1-0 lead from the captain’s penalty into stoppage time, but supporters left the stadium even before that. They were somehow correct on their own track.

Although, the boss, LVG, is happy with the 1-0 win over Sheffield United, but supporters are booing all the time after not getting a single targeted shot until 69th minute. Yes, that’s correct. Manchester United’s gameplay was so useless that they didn’t get a single shot on target until 69th minutes.

Louis Van Gaal

Coach, Louis Van Gaal has said in the press conference that,

You have to be happy as a United fan that we are in the next round and we have won the last two games.

Following that, he was asked to know the reason behind the streaming out of United’s fan before the match end and he said,

They are not thinking that we would score, and maybe also because of the traffic. There are many reasons.

I think the fans have supported our team. It is not an easy time now. How many stadiums were like our stadium, full?

You can mention how they leave, but you can also mention how they come to the stadium to watch.

Currently, most of the United players and members are not so happy with that win and the whole gameplay. Above all, they are not so happy with the thing what the Dutch coach is doing with Manchester United. Three vital players of Manchester United aka Michael Carrick, Ashley Young and Morgan Schneiderlin were out of the reserve bench as well as starting eleven. According to United’s boss, they were in the red zone and were not ready for that match.