Manchester United Denied Meeting with Pep Guardiola

Although, there was a rumour that Manchester United officials had a meeting with the current Bayern manager Pep Guardiola in Paris, yet, the Manchester United spokesman has said that there is truth behind that. As Pep announced in a press meeting that he is need of new challenge and England would be the best place to take the challenge, there was some rumours flying around him and English football.

When, Manchester United is not playing well and there are some serious issues with Manchester United boss, Louis van Gaal, some people thought that Pep will replace LVG at the end of this ongoing season. In a press meeting, Guardiola said that,

I need a new challenge and I want to use that chance to be a manager in England. I want to experience the atmosphere in England and I look forward to the stadiums there. I am 44 and it is the right time. There are offers but I haven’t signed for anyone yet. When I have a new club I will let everyone know.

Although, there is no such official announcement of the replacement of United boss, but the media has created such fake news in sight of getting attraction. The rumour gets vial when Pep mentioned England. However, that is not true as the Manchester United official has claimed that there was no such meeting with the Bayern coach, Pep Guardiola.

On the other hand, Louis van Gaal may also leave Manchester United after this current season. Although, there is no news on his destination, but he once said that he would leave United very soon.

Manchester United is need of fresh coaching and this is almost confirmed that United cannot get back their actual position unless or until they do something in favor of coaching. On the other hand, Pep has developed Bayern Munich to make the best in German football and he is 100% successful. Therefore, the rumour went viral.