Manchester United New Transfer Target is Pedro

Manchester United new transfer target is Pedro, the 27 year old Spanish international, in order to strengthen their forward line. This is a new target of Louis Van Gaal, after the departure of Van Persie and Falcao. Pedro joining Manchester United is only £22m bid away.Manchester United New Transfer Target is Pedro

Manchester United new transfer target is Pedro

Pedro in F.C Barcelona

The Spanish striker had a bigger role in his club before Suarez’s arrival but after the M-S-N trio started their journey we have seen him mostly in bench only. Though Luis Enrique is not very happy to let the striker go but the possibilities have gone stronger after the transfer budget for him, has been reduced to £22m from a £109m. The player signed a new deal with Catalan’s already but that sure doesn’t create much stability as the player himself wants an out and as some obvious result Manchester United new transfer target is Pedro.

Manchester United strikers deficiency

Having Van Persie left to Turkey and letting Falcao leave has put LVG in need for a poacher. Rooney is there along with the young Wilson to take his chances but a proven striker is highly needed. All the efforts of signing Cavani, Benzema and Bale have gone in vain already. Lately United opted for Aston Villa striker Benteke, but the arch rivals are closer on making a deal with him. Thus, Manchester United new transfer target is Pedro, a quality striker to take over.

Competition on Manchester United new transfer target

To have a shot at Manchester United new transfer target the club has to face the English Premier League champion Chelsea FC, to sign up the striker. Apart from Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain is also having a close eye on the situation. However, Manchester United will have to seal the deal fast as there is only four weeks left before the League starts.

Manchester United will meet FC Barcelona on American Soil soon

Right now Manchester United is on their way to take on Club America nearly an hour later. On their 3rd match of the preseason tour, United will face Barca in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

Positions Manchester United need to work on

Despite the fact, that LVG accepted two positions need some new reinforcement, Manchester United must be aware of three different positions and work on some new transfer targets soon.

  1. Striker – Pedro getting attached to the squad may solve this issue, but before that happen Manchester United will have to remain worried about the spot.
  2. Defender – Efforts of pitching Sergio Ramos are going south every day. Real Madrid doesn’t look like they are going to consider the deal any damn bit, but Manchester United must have a stopper to have a decent defence. The team has suffered a lot in this position last year, and must do something about it soon.
  3. Goalkeeper – This situation is very much made by LVG himself, as the second goalkeeper of Manchester United, Victor Valdes will be leaving Manchester United on some issues with the manager only. Now even if, Real Madrid agrees to sell Ramos, they will have De Gea right away. Manchester United will have to opt for a new goalkeeper then.

Wrap Up:

Manchester United eyeing the £22m transfer fee to sign Pedro must result in some success to at least have a solution to the striker position issues. The Manchester United new transfer target is surely the hottest in the plate right now but we will keep a close eye on the situation; meanwhile you just bookmark us for all the latest transfer news and rumours.