Back day’s Manchester United had spent quiet some money and gathered some signings in the club. Well, in the dog days critics had a laugh at United’s top signings, but come season end they are going to eat their words.

Beside the last match’s road bump against Chelsea FC Manchester United has been on a roll fro quiet some time. The team has come back into a proper shape and players are making marks on the field. The system Manchester United built has been brilliant according to me. The high end signings may have not snatched United a league title or a Cup run but slowly and gradually the team has been rebuilt and is on its verge to fulfil all of its primary targets.

After having a horrible season last year under David Moyes, it had become hard to build a strong team! As the team did not have a chance in Champions League even money couldn’t bring the top class players! Offers made to Hummels, Vidal, Varetti went south because of that! So the very first target of the Red Devils officials was to bring back the team to Champions League.

If coming back to Champions League was the first target of United, then sure enough the second was to rebuild a team! The top formed Rooney was now a history and RVP was destroyed with injuries. Giggs removal from left flank and lack of Depth in defence after Vidic made United a broken team. Hence it became hugely important to rebuild the team.

The time has not yet arrived, but we may already say, both the targets have been met successfully by the Manchester United family.

Finishing In The Top Four

Yes they still have five matches in hand, including one home match against Arsenal. But from a look of the team it’s no surprise that they are likely to be the one to stay at no.3. From a distance this may look just Okay but to be truthful to heart this is what the dream was for this season particularly. City has matches like Tottenham, Southampton and Swansea incoming. Arsenal and Liverpool still have Chelsea to face. So from this context it is likely that United’s table top four hunts will be even easier. Now, if they can put up to their levels of playing they have been showing lately, they even can finish in 3rd position or go beyond to finish as a runner-up. But there needs no odds to predict them finishing in top four.

Rebuilding The Team

Back days when United had signed players like Luke Shaw, Blind, Di Maria, Herrera, Fellaini, Mata, Falcao and Rojo it seemed that United was spending huge after some mediocre talents too eagerly. But now, let’s just take some time and evaluate the spending.

  • Luke Shaw – The nineteen year old, had some difficult time with injury to fight with. But the teen has showed good commitment on coming back from injury and with time has slowly flourished his talent. Securing the 3rd position with 5 rounds remaining would not be easy without his service down at the defence. United has conceded 3rd minimum goals till date in the EPL and as a defender Shaw deserves a credit. With a lot football left in him, this defender has surely made Manchester United defence trouble a bit less.Luke shaw
  • Daley Blind – Playing as a shield had not been good for the Dutch footballer so he moved to the left and God! What he did next! Recently all the giants including City, Liverpool, and Tottenham have received his bite from the left flank, supporting Young in front! This being a new birth he has become a key contributor on team’s activity on field.blind-mn-u
  • Angel Di Maria – The Argentine winger had his difficult time also and not anymore a first eleven choice. But back days he started his season with three goals and four assists in his first four appearances. Taken as a bad patch, Di Maria is also set to get back to his form and serve the team. Last few matches we are again seeing the speed, the solo run, the chip over the head and the perfect through balls. Give him some time and he will be back to his routine of mesmerizing.angel-di-maria
  • Ander Herrera – When Paul Scholes left the United team needed a junior to take over the central Mid position. Yet being another one to have a troubled start, the 25 year old, is now delivering some phenomenal quality at the mid-filed making Rooney and Mata more dangerous with his assists and match ups.


  • Marouane Fellaini – Last season, the player had faced a lot of controversies for not been able to perform as per expected. But over the time, he has not only been fundamental to the teams attacking strategy with his areal ability to depend on, but also the player is making the opponents to think about him. Over the time the player has turned to be a great midfielder, and with Louis Van Gaal’s touch, he even is supporting Rooney at the final third these days!Fellaini
  • Juan Mata – Another awesome player who is emerging more and more every day in Manchester United’s jersey. The player has been superb in United’s right flank and making space for Young to take positions properly. The player has not only scored some fierce goals but also he is taking a hug4e roll in ball distribution with Herrera from the right half of the mid-field.JuanMata

Falcao is the only player who could not produce anything to help United with this rebuilding, but at the same time he is just a loaned in player. He is not going to be a Manchester United legacy holder.radamel-falaco-manchester-united-spurs

Louis Van Gaal A Beautiful Composer

Now, most importantly United needed someone to take up the Manager’s chair and do the job properly. After the great failure of David Moyes, United was given into the hands of Louis Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs was given the assistant coach’s work. Van Gaal has finally produced a team play at the United’s games and is building the team forth. Making the stars play at their best position, fitting Blind into left, Valencia in defence, Fellaini in front, Rooney instrumental according to game change, all were Van Gaal’s way of making a team! Getting Young to his dream form, Persie to have a replacement, the manager had been inspirational and instrumental all through the season. He almost single-handedly brought all the players back to their polished outlook and made the team look dangerous yet again!Louis-van-gaal

Wrap Up

It is just a matter of time, after that again the baton of English Football’s utmost beauty will be held by Manchester United. The primary targets have been met properly; now just look forward to what comes next!