Manchester United transfer talks are back. The team had a rough win over Tottenham Hotspur, this Saturday and by the look of the team, the Dutch coach is feeling some talents needed which leads the media to yet another lead of speculations around. This time from the look of it, it seems LVG is desperate to import some key players.Manchester united transfer news

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Manchester United back on Harry Kane

This Sunday the Mirror has quoted that Louis Van Gaal has expressed much interest on signing a key striker and the red-devils are eyeing Kane to be the one. As for now, Manchester United has not launched any bid for the striker but has made “discreet enquires” for the English striker in order to receive a primary response from Spurs.

Though LVG had expressed enough irritation over media’s focus on United’s striker deficiency, the Dutch coach is intelligent enough to keep the hunt on for a support to Wayne Rooney upfront.

Earlier Tottenham Hotspur had Kane let go for season loan to different clubs. But the last season Kane proved himself to be a future star with 31 goals and a debut in national jersey. He also made himself the fan favourite already. It was well expected that big money would come around to snatch him out, and United’s move seems the last one of  them before the transfer window closes on 1st September.Kane

Needless to say, being Kane is Spurs only striking option (Aston Villa trying hard to bad Emmanuel Adebayor) Tottenham would fight till the end to keep the 22 year striker at home. So, despite the offer is huge enough, Spurs are not going to consider. On the other hand if Manchester United gets any glimpse of signing possibility they may go all in.

What Louis Van Gaal Had to say on signing a striker

“It is not a special item for me, it is more in the media they are discussing about a striker.”

“The striker is Wayne Rooney and we also have Hernandez, Januzaj and Wilson.”

“It is not a special objective for me. But when we can buy another striker who has a lot of qualities more than our players then we buy, but we have done that always.”

“I said it before but they are not writing it. I have said it before, we have Rooney. You said he has to play in a striker’s position.”


Louis Van Gaal last gaze on possible centre-backs

United supporters have been craving for a stopper for long and all the circumstances could bring was to be seen Blind and Smalling pitched in the centre-back position.

Louis Van Gaal though is ready to sign another centre-back, but the red-devil coach needs the one to be far better than Chris Smalling, who in-fact had a good run in the first match against Tottenham Hotspurs.

Well, at the press-conference LVG hinted on starting with Jones in RCB but lately the player has encountered some kind of injury what to the coaches eye is “Minor Thrombosis”.

Now United have been keen on Signing Sergio Ramos, but that has gone way south, as Real Madrid confirmed a new agreement with the player. Let’s see what the manager has in his bags for the late signings.

What Louis Van Gaal had to say on Signing a Defender

“We have three (right-sided) centre backs, we have Smalling, Jones and McNair but if he is much better than them then it is possible. We go for the best players and it has to be possible.”

“(Jones’ injury) was very peculiar because he had the whole week tightness in his calf and he kept training but we have a very good doctor I think because this doctor discovered a minor thrombosis.”

“We don’t take the risk so we go to a second opinion to a specialist in the hospital and that was yesterday.”

“That was after my press conference so I couldn’t say anything. A specialist has said we have a new medical treatment and we have to keep him out for three weeks and we have to watch him.”

Manchester United Transfer news Out

After defeating Arsenal in their opening game, West Ham is going hard to sign “Javier Chicharito Hernandez” from Manchester United. Daily star has recently confirmed that West-Ham is now ready to meet up the £12m asking price to sign up the Mexican striker.

On other news, despite being still highly linked to Real Madrid, Manchester United’s star goal-keeper David De Gea has expressed his willingness to be considered for selection, as the United manager had pitched the new signed Sergio Romero on the opening match. Just for an update, Romero did real well on his first appearance.

Wrap Up:

That’s all for now as for latest Manchester United transfer news. Well with the EPL being started already Manchester United needs to finalize the deals fast, as the transfer window is going to get closed soon. For all the latest transfer happenings bookmark us.