Manchester United vs Arsenal To Play In India [Confirmed]

Two English Premier League giants, Manchester United and Arsenal FC are about to play in India in June of this year. Apart from couple of current players, India is going to watch some evergreen football legends such as Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Thierry Henry and so on. Let’s check out some exciting news of Manchester United vs Arsenal match.

Manchester United vs Arsenal Masters Cup

IGF or Indo Global Foundation is going to organize two matches between Red Devils and Gunners on June  3 and June 7. The news has been confirmed by Western India Football Association and Goa Football Association. Both of them have agreed to collaborate with Indo Global Foundation to organize these matches between 32 legends.

The CEO of Western India Football Association has said,

They have already booked the ground with us. According to what we have been told, there will be 32 players, 26 of whom would be World Cuppers. The organizers plan to make this an annual affair for the next five years.

Among those 32 Manchester United and Arsenal legends, 26 have played in World Cup and that would be the main attraction to watch 26 world cuppers under one roof.

Although, Indo Global Foundation have got the names of legends, who will be playing in Masters Cup (These matches are named Masters Cup), yet, they haven’t disclosed all names. According to IGF, this is the actual attraction. Therefore, they do not want to disclose the surprise before the match.

Date And Venue

In the initial encounter, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi was confirmed. Robert Pires, who was a part of FC Goa in Indian Super League, asked the authority to host the match in Delhi because of the response. However, that has been changed due to some internal reasons.

Therefore, the first match will be host at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Mumbai on June 3 and the second match will be host at Goa on June 7.

Legends Who Will be Playing In Masters Cup

Some big names have come to the media in recent past and some of them are as follows,

Thierry Henry >> Arsenal >> 1999-2007

Gary Neville >> Manchester United >> 1992-2011

Nicky Butt >> Manchester United >> 1992-2004

Paul Scholes >> Manchester United >> 1993-2013

Phil Neville >> Manchester United >> 1995-2005

Andy Cole >> Manchester United >> 1995-2001

Dwight Yorke >> Manchester United >> 1998-2002

Paul Parker >> Manchester United >> 1991-1996

Robert Pires >> Arsenal >> 2000-2006

David Seaman >> Arsenal >> 1990-2003

Ryan Giggs >> Manchester United >> 1990-2004

Louis Saha >> Manchester United >> 2004-2008

Mikael Silvestre >> Manchester United (1999-2008) & Arsenal (2008-2010)

Denis Irwin >> Manchester United >> 1990-2002

However, Mr. Saurav Chakravarti from Indo Global Foundation has said,

I can only confirm that there will be 10 marquee players. As for the rest of the squad members, the minimum requirement for a player to be included is to have 100 caps, although, in some cases, we are willing to relax that clause.

Hope these matched between two Premier League rivals would going to be awesome.