Manchester United vs Liverpool is the next big fixture this Saturday. Neither the teams are enjoying honeymoon phase nor are they looking like a title contender. But if its Manchester vs Liverpool, you will get alarm clocks sounding in Tokyo and mid-day lunch breaks will be accompanied with the sports channel in New-York. English football’s biggest derby is upon us, and let me present to you, everything you need to know about this coming fixture.

Manchester United vs Liverpool EPL Match at Old Trafford on 12th SeptemberManchester United vs Liverpool match

Manchester United’s latest update

The red-devils had a tough transfer deadline. Manchester United somehow landed upon French youngster Martial with an expensive bid. They could not sign any proper poacher, which they desperately needed. Transfer of David De Gea also faced a technical difficulty making him stay at home. After drawing with Newcastle United and losing against Swansea City again, Manchester United needs to win this derby in order to get back to the title chase. Till date, the red devils are in 5th position of the table with 7 points in 4 matches, same as Arsenal and Liverpool.

Liverpool FC‘s latest update

Liverpool has numbers of tough away fixtures, in the very beginning of the league. Till date, they managed to stay in the 7th position with 7 points from 4 matches. They outperformed Stoke City and Bournemouth followed by an away draw against Arsenal and a complete upset in their last home match against West-Ham. However, they now have Christian Benteke to take over Sterling’s place and prove his worth. The best part here is Benteke has been lethal to United in the last three times he played against Manchester. A win here will surely put Liverpool back on the title chase.

Manchester United Striker Deficiency

Wayne Rooney has scored twice in his national jersey and surpassed Sir Charlton to be the highest goal-getter in English jersey. So, the 10 match goal draught of the striker now must meet an end, against the best opponent possible. Martial may join the team as a substitute late in the game but Rooney needs to get back to scoring as he will be leading the United’s upfront, through the season.

Liverpool’s defence disaster

In their match against West Ham, Liverpool gave away easy goals to the opposition, making the hammers have a win at Anfield after 1963! Skrtel had a humiliating experience and the media went on over the defensive hazards the team had undergone with. Rodgers will be looking forward to implement a double pivot to stop such hazards due to the rebound pressures the opponents strikers are delivering in.

Manchester United goal-keeping confusion

Yes, there are chances that DDG may finally have a starting eleven shot in this derby. Due to the transfer hazards in the deadline day, DDG’s move to Real Madrid was terminated. However, the Spanish goalkeeper will finally start under the bar, letting Romero sit in bench. LVG now must not have any issue to keep DDG off-field.

Liverpool missing Coutinho, in Derby

Liverpool FC’s most important midfielder Coutinho, will not be able to play against Manchester due to the controversial red-card he encountered in the match against West-Ham. This surely is going to be a huge blow for the team. It will be interesting to find out, what Rodgers implement to surpass this anaemia.

Players to watch out for in Manchester United vs Liverpool FC 12th September EPL encounter

Wayne Rooney: The Manchester United captain, will be under microscope this weekend, as Manchester United finally confirmed no other strikers are going to lead the Manchester United forward line. Now it will be very important to find out, if Rooney gets over his goal draught or not.

Anthony Martial: The 19 years old French forward has a lot heat on him. Some pundits are suggesting the move as an expensive blunder, where as some media has reported Ryan Giggs had his eyes on this talent for long. The first mark against the most hated rivals; Martial does have some stage to mark.

Juan Mata: The Spanish midfielder has scored three times in two matches against the Manchester United arch rivals. How one cannot has his eye on this player?

Christian Benteke: The former Aston Villa striker has a very good record against Manchester United. Pundits are also suggesting, there are chances that the player can outperform his level in red jersey on his body. It will be important to see the terror of United playing against them with the jersey of arch rivals on him.

David De Gea: If the goalkeeper starts the match, eyes will be on his performance, due to some obvious reasons. May us call the reason: something not to be mentioned..

Manchester United vs. Liverpool 12th August Match Details

Match: Manchester United vs. Liverpool

Date: September 12, 2015

Stadium: Old Trafford, Manchester (England)

Competition: Barclays Premier League

Kickoff time: 17:30 (UTC/GMT+1, local time)

Final Words

Manchester United vs. Liverpool FC is the most watched club derby match in the world of football. If you have anything to talk about the match do comment here.