Manchester United vs. Liverpool Match Review – Sunday 22 March

Not surprisingly, Manchester United has played well in the match in opposition to Liverpool, which has resulted 2-1 after the final whistle. Even though, Balotelli’s aggressive playing made it easier for Liverpool to get a goal but they were failed to make the equalizer goal.

Both teams started out the match with unchanged eleven as it was in their earlier match. Manchester United starts the game with 4-3-2-1 and on the other hand, Liverpool started the game with 3-4-3 structure. Lallana, Sturridge and Countinho was implemented as midfielder of Liverpool, whereas Rooney, Young and Mata has the duty from the mid-filed before the substitution.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool Match Review

1st Half

Within first 15 minutes (actually, it is on 13th minute), Mata scored his first goal against Liverpool. Conversely, a week ago, Fellaini was awarded as best player of the match and in this match; and today, he was back with a great form.

Although, Liverpool had so many great chances to score goal. For instance, on 34th minute, Lallana missed a goal, which should be scored by a goal-scoring player like him. The ball was came from Sterling, who also had a golden opportunity to score a goal.

In the first half, Rooney played well but outside of the penalty box. At the same time, Michael Carrick was there to hit only one shot from the outside of penalty box and it was saved by Simon Mignolet, goalkeeper of Liverpool.

However, Fellaini was suffering from a lack of confidence. In short, the first half was very disappointed for Liverpool.

2nd Half

The first attraction was Steven Gerrard, who was there as a replacement to Lallana. The second attraction was, Steven Gerrard was sent off on his way with a red card for a harsh tackle. He made two tackles and the second of them was enough to be greeted with a red card, according to the referee. He was sent off within 45 seconds of 2nd half. At the same time, Herrara received a Yellow card for another harsh tackle to Gerrard.

Gerrard Red Card Foul

The most exciting thing was, Liverpool played the same game even after the red card.

In the second half, Coutinho also tried very well to score the equalizer goal but failed. On the 59th minute, Mata scored yet another goal against Liverpool with a bi-cycle kick from inside the penalty box. It was a magnificent goal that was scored by Mata.

Manchester United Mata Goal

But, the game of Liverpool was changed dramatically after having Balotelli on the field. With a great pass, Sturridge scored their first goal in this match against Manchester United from the right side of the goal.

While in pressure of having one goal lead, Liverpool made a foul inside the penalty box and that yielded a penalty. Nevertheless, that golden opportunity of scoring another goal was lost by Rooney. The Liverpool’s goalkeeper saved the penalty shot.

Important Moments of This Match

Lallana played really bad and he missed a lot of chance to make goals. In the first half, he was able to make goals and he failed. On the other hand, the red card of Gerrard was much controversial. According to soccer experts, that was not a red-card foul at all. A yellow card should be enough to warn Gerrard but the referee gave him a red card and sent his off.

For a player like Rooney, this is really disappointing to miss a penalty, which is the best opportunity to score goal. Di Maria came to the field in second half but he also failed to attract the attention of fans.

[quote_center]Yellow card[/quote_center]

Joe Allen (Liverpool) – 19’

Herrera (Man. UTD.) – 46’

Jones (Man. UTD.) – 55’

Mario Balotelli (Liverpool) – 67’

[quote_center]Red Card[/quote_center]

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – 46’

Wrap Up

No matter if, you are unbeaten in 14 consecutive matches, but, when you are playing against a team like Manchester United, you must have a different tactic to avoid defeat. Anyway, after this match, Manchester United is able to stay in their position.