Maradona Strikes on Blatter: He Knows Nothing

The golden boy of football and the most popular Argentine footballer, Maradona has enunciated that the current FIFA president, Sepp Blatter known absolutely nothing about the governing body of FIFA.

Maradona Strikes on Blatter: He Knows Nothing

The election of next FIFA president is coming soon and before that, Blatter has encountered roadblock towards the win. This Argentine footballer is upholding Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, who is the current vice president of FIFA and president of JFA and WAFF.

In an interview, Maradona has said that,

“If I didn’t believe that he would be a good president, I wouldn’t be here.

As the football world knows, inside Fifa there is total anarchy, where there is only one man who decides everything.

But he knows absolutely nothing. Therefore it is time for a change. And it is so because even his colleagues should actually advise him to leave.”

As these lines say, this is a direct clash made by Maradona for Sepp Blattar. According to Maradona, Blattar has made countless embezzlement and he can do more if he wins the upcoming election to be the FIFA president.

“He has done a lot of damage to football since he has been there. It’s time for him to step aside and let us, who are full of strength, renovate football.”

From this sight of view, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein is better than Blattar and he can ameliorate all problems. He has also dragged the world cup issue. On the same, he said,

“First, we didn’t know where the World Cup was going to be held. Then we found out after Brazil it was Russia and then Qatar.”

The Blattar controversy will be continued. But, what do you think? Do you agree with Maradona’s statement to the reporters?