Michael Carrick: The Most Valuable Player of Manchester United

It’s been a month since Michael Carrick player for the last time for Manchester United. After early April, he has not played any match for Manchester United due to a calf injury and as a result, Manchester United is in egregious trouble. Although Van Gaal has substitute to Michael Carrick but that is not as good as he is.

The winning rate with Carrick is much higher than without him. This single line says all about the preface of this midfielder. He is such a player, who can handle the midfield, one of the most crucial positions, on his own. However, in absence of Michael Carrick, van Gaal often implement Rooney in the midfield.

Michael Carrick: The Most Valuable Player of Manchester United

Carrick played against Manchester City and that was a 4-2 win. Apart from that, he played against Aston Villa, Liverpool and Tottenham and all those matches were won by United. He played 357 minutes out of 360 minutes in four matches.

With Michael Carrick, Red Devils have won more than 72% matches and without this legend, they have won only 35%. There is a huge difference between these percentages and this is where Carrick’s skill and independent game lives.

Without Carrick, Louis Van Gaal faces various problems in the midfield and the result has been reflected in past couple of matches. They have lost with 3-0 against Everton, 2-0 against Chelsea, 1-0 against West Brom.

In Premier League 2014/15 season, United have scored 1.8 goals per match with this 33 years old midfielder and 1.5 goals without him. According to the score, they have got 2.3 points per match with him and 1.4 without him.

Mainly United depends on his experience, skill and tackling ability. He can break up opponents counter attack faster than any other player of Manchester United. Rooney, Valencia, Fellaini, Falcao are missing all these things on the ground and this is one of the reasons why they are being defeated consecutively.