Mohun Bagan A.C: Strength and Weakness

As the decider match of I-league championship is closing in, every Indian football fan is sensing their B.P getting higher. So before the Bengaluru FC vs. Mohun Bagan AC match starts let us have a quick Strengths and weaknesses of Mohun Bagan AC.Mohun Bagan

Strengths of Mohun Bagan AC –

  1. Deadly Wingers –

    Mohun Bagan have Sony Norde in left flank and Katsumi Yusa in right. Probably the best wingers of the I-league they have. Norde’s dribbling and shooting and Katsumi’s lightening speed have made Mohun Bagan’s attack lethal! These two can outplay any defence at any point of the match!

  2. Pritam Kotal an effective side back –

    Getting Pritam Kotal back at right back was probably Sanjay Sen’s best move for Mohun Bagan’s defence. Pritam has not only been supporting Yusa on attacking third, but also the defender has proved his defensive skills also. Providing lobs and crosses for the poachers of the team, has been included in his regular routine. Most of the times they pay off also! Both the players are also fierce in dead ball situation. Scoring from corners and free kicks are a regular thing for Bagan because of these two.

  3. Kingshuk and Bello in deep defence –

    Mohun Bagan is the team to have conceded the least no. of goals. At one point it seemed the defence was shaking enough but with inclusion of Pritam, Pankaj and Kingshuk not to mention Bello taking good load have made the Mohun Bagan defence strong enough.

  4. Shilton Paul –

    The Captain had a horrible injury followed by another terrible miss-kick raising question on his ability. But in last two matches Shilton Paul has outdone avery effort of opponents to net Mohun Bagan. Mohun Bagan will be relying on the Goalkeeper in the final encounter also.

Weakness of Mohun Bagan –

  1. Absence of a poacher –

    Surely Balwant Singh was in scoring phase few matches back, but in last few encounters neither he nor Jeje could net some. They skied some easiest sitters along with wasted a lot of potential attacks. Bagan needs to concentrate on this, as Bengaluru defence won’t allow them a lot of chances.

  2. Pierre Boya-

    The Mohun Bagan marquee player has been real slow in the attacking third, and was not effective even. The player has some good touches, but he needs to assist more through balls to the strikers in order to make them look dangerous.

  3. Anwar –

    This man is surely a terrible defender in Mohun Bagan defence. The slow moves along with horrible positioning makes opponent strikers lick their lip. Sanjoy Sen must not put him in first eleven.

Wrap Up:

Mohun Bagan needs only a draw to win the title. They must concentrate on defence with two blockers in front of the defence. Oh wait.. We will bring a separate new post for Mohun Bagan vs. Bengaluru strategy analysis in the match preview.