Schneiderlin is Confident to get Goals Quickly

The newly signed midfielder of Manchester United, Morgan Schneiderlin has claimed that United will start getting goals very quickly. He also admitted that Manchester United is having some serious issues in front of goals, which resulted several goalless draw and missed goals against mid-table teams like Crystal palace and many more.

Morgan Schneiderlin

Manchester United has played a 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace, which they could have won if they didn’t have any issues in front of the goal. According to many match experts, it was an easy win match for Manchester United but they ended up with 1 point, which is now helping them to stand on 4th position with 22 points after playing 11 matches.

According to this French midfielder, Schneiderlin, goals will come in time but they need to bring that faster. In an exclusive interview with Schneiderlin, the following statements have come out.

They (goals) will come if we keep believing. We will keep clean sheets, that’s not a problem, and we will win games, but we need to make sure it comes quickly. We have the players to score goals and we will score goals. It’s not a worry for me. We’ve had the chances, and sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to make a good choice. We came to win the game, so we need to make sure we win the next game.

Everybody knows that if Manchester United wants to win this Premier League title, they must have to win consecutively. Even a single draw can demolish everything. At this moment, there is no other option apart from scoring goals.

According to Schneiderlin, they have played quite well against Everton and Manchester City. However, as per the supporters, match against City was a boring match, which ended up with 0-0 draw. The same score remains against Crystal Palace.

On this matter, he said,

Overall, when we look at the last three games, we played very good against Everton, played good against [Manchester] City and should have won as we were the only team pushing to win, so we could have had nine points. We want to win the title so, to win games, we need to score goals. We’ll have to work hard and hope we bounce back.

Of course we are in the title race. It’s still early as we head into November, so there are a lot of games to be played. It doesn’t matter if you are second, third, fourth or fifth in November. What matters is to be first at the end of May and win the games.

What do you think about this? When Manchester City and Arsenal are playing matches to win, Manchester United is having some serious issues since past few matches. As a result, they eve lost in Capital One match as well.

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