Most Famous Football Clubs of Europe

What separates football from all other sports in the world? What is that unnoticed breeze that makes the game so heavenly? The answer my friend, is always in front of us! The supporters! The madness, the love, the passion, the adrenaline-rush for our favourite clubs, separates football from all ‘art of living’! So today, I am going to take a moment in order to salute the top most supported clubs in the world and their supporters! Today let me present you the top ten most supported football teams in Europe till 2015 based on field attendance and social media!

Top Ten Most Supported Football Clubs in Europe:

  1. Galatasaray S.K: The Turkish club fans are way too supportive to let other European teams take over their favourite club. The fans of Galatasaray have earned a lot of reputation due to their home support! The Turk Telekom Arena is also named as Devils Hell! It’s very hard to take on the Galatasaray side on their home ground due to this massive support!Top ten famous European clubs

Average Attendance at home match: 32,910

Facebook Fans: 11,957,284

Twitter Followers: 3.88m

  1. Liverpool FC: No! ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’. That is why the club has 158 blogs describing their regular day to day shifts. The team has also a huge home support at Anfield! Despite their hitch-bump for last decade the supporters have justified the line ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ with their huge support all-over! No surprise that they score the top ten most supported clubs in Europe till 2015.Top ten Supported club in Europe 9

Average Attendance at home match: 44,670

Facebook Fans: 21,350,111

Twitter Followers: 2.9m

  1. Chelsea FC: Be it, Jose Mourinho’s return or be it, their topper position, but can’t call their fans plastic anymore! They are emerging day by day and now have a spot on 2015’s top most supported clubs in Europe!Top ten Supported club in Europe 8

Average Attendance at home match: 41,480

Facebook Fans: 32,647,985

Twitter Followers: 4.07m

  1. Barcelona FC: If there is Lionel Messi, who would actually get surprised? Yes, they redefined football with Tiki-Taka and Camp Nou got flourished over last decade with a huge fan flow! Barcelona F.C gets the seventh position in all Europe’s most supported club!Top ten Supported club in Europe 7

Average Attendance at home match: 72,115

Facebook Fans: 69,815,552

Twitter Followers: 12.1m

  1. Real Madrid C.F.: The 6th spot on the list is the 10 times UCL champions Spanish giant, all-star club Real Madrid! The main attraction has always been the superstar footballers rather than the local or global fan base!Top ten Supported club in Europe 6

Average Attendance at home match: 71,565

Facebook Fans: 66,977,444

Twitter Followers: 11.9m

  1. Manchester City: The supporters of this club have grown up and up since last few years of their success! The defending league champions are getting huge fan support in social media also!Top ten Supported club in Europe 5

Average Attendance at home match: 47,075

Facebook Fans: 14,120,894

Twitter Followers: 1.86m

  1. A.C. Milan: The Italian titans might not have been fortunate to appreciate a decent season a year ago; however this didn’t affect its fan base by any means. Actually, their worldwide claim has outstretched than that of Inter and Juventus. The clubs is getting more enrolments, so is prone to issue us some fabulous star players in not so distant future.Top ten Supported club in Europe 4

Average Attendance at home match: 39,875

Facebook Fans: 12,063,696

Twitter Followers: 1.4m

  1. Bayern Munich: The German champions have been getting a charge out of tremendous achievement and heaps of thanks. For this, they ought to be appreciative to Alianz Arena who has gotten a large number of facebook likes and twitter adherents in a brief time allotment. The club had won the World Club Cup too.Top ten Supported club in Europe 3

Average Attendance at home match: 71,000

Facebook Fans: 17,854,754

Twitter Followers: 1.32m

  1. Arsenal F.C: Arsenal F.C’s stores shrewd utilization of twitter and other social media networks has driven it get non-stop achievement. Presently this football group has turned into one of the strongest on the planet, and its players are constantly prepared to give intense rivalry to other football clubs.Top ten Supported club in Europe 2

Average Attendance at home match: 60,015

Facebook Fans: 26,413,242

Twitter Followers: 4.1m

  1. Manchester United: Manchester United is a broadly bolstered group of the time. This group has made the entire Europe feel glad, and has a gigantic fan base on social media networks. It has additionally made numerous manages TV with respect to its solid notices and ads.Top ten Supported club in Europe 1

Average Attendance at home match: 75,205

Facebook Fans: 52,860,095

Twitter Followers: 2.79m

Bottom Line

That was all for today. If you have liked the stats and yourself are a fan of any of above mentioned clubs, don’t forget to like, comment and support your team on most famous football clubs of Europe on social media.