Mourinho blasts WARNING to Chelsea’s ‘senior’ players

The Special One is the ‘UNHAPPY’ one after seeing his team losing points once again in the Premier League and as a result, the Portuguese blasted a warning to his senior players that he will prefer the ‘kids’ over them if they do not improve.

Chelsea sit 14th in the League table after the disastrous start to the new season leaving the manager frustrated who is not a known figure for ‘FAILURES’. Mourinho is not used to lose points in the earlier stages of a season and the current situation is directly opposite to his nature.

“If the season goes in one direction, that it becomes closed and we can’t win [trophies], I will go just with the kids.”

“It makes no sense, when you have nothing to win, to play the older players. I’ll play the players we’re waiting for instead. I can arrive in a moment where I will look to the kids and say, ‘Let’s go. Non-stop.’ I am ruthless. But at the moment everything is open.”

“It’s difficult to win the Premier League, but possible. It’s difficult to win the Champions League, but possible. It’s difficult to win the [domestic] cups, but possible.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 18: Frank Lampard of Chelsea celebrates with team mates and manager Jose Mourinho after scoring the second goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Hull City at Stamford Bridge on August 18, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Chelsea celebrates with teammates and manager Jose Mourinho after scoring

“I explained to the players that when the situation is open I have to do both things: To try to prepare the kids for their future and at the same time to try to bring the best out of the other players — the players with more stability and experience.”

“Our problem is we are not performing in a continuous way. We have no problems physically or tactically. It’s the same – as when we make changes they improve the team.”

“Clearly it’s an attitude perspective of some individuals. And when you have individuals with that unstable attitude in terms of motivation, desire and commitment, you will pay,” told the Chelsea boss in an interview.

Chelsea are travelling to Portugal to face Porto in te Champions League group stage game and it is expected that Mourinho will make big alterations to his Chelsea squad that drew against New Castle last weekend.