Mourinho Denies Salary Hike, Stays in Chelsea for Two More Years

Jose Mourinho denies salary hike, letting the Chelsea owner Roman Abrahimovich know, he wants to continue in the same pay band and extend his contract up to 2016.Mourinho turns down salary hike

Mourinho Denies Down Salary Hike

With a £8.5 million annual salary, the special one agreed to stay in Stamford Bridge for two more years though Roman wanted Mourinho to take the upgraded pay band and sign a five year contract with Chelsea.

According to The Sun the west London club is very happy with the deal. Chelsea not only gets to keep the special one, but also is now thinking of providing some different luxuries to their manager. Well the source said

“It has been an easy deal to do. Jose said he’s happy on the same money as before so we’re just extending the contract by two years. Everyone’s delighted.”

Now the point that cracks up the Chelsea fans is that, this deal doesn’t only show Mourinho’s willingness to stay at the club for all right reasons rather than fulfilling his pocket. This also may encourage Chelsea supporters, that after losing Lampard and Čech, Chelsea is on its way to find another club legend!

Well the Portuguese manager may have gone on-record saying;

“I don’t need a contract, I don’t need a pay rise. I stay as long as Mr. Abramovich wants me!”

But what we see here is not only his motivation and passion to glorify Chelsea’s future but also the man is keeping an eye on recent changes of the managerial positions in other big clubs. Till date, Mourinho has always looked for new challenges around. He had been successful with Chelsea, Inter and Madrid earlier but never stayed in a single club for much longer. May be, he is opting for a UCL title for Chelsea in coming years and after that he may find a new challenge else-whare.

However, the good news for now is Chelsea now has a settled Mourinho and Mourinho has a settled squad. He hasn’t opted for big signings this time; rather he is keeping the same squad much strengthened with the stability of the team.