Chelsea FC is on its rough again. The team has started struggling in these early 2015 encounters and like previous years it’s again headed for trouble. Jose ‘the special one’ Mourinho needs to do something quick otherwise the ups are going to go south within a notice’s moment.

Mourinho struggles
Mourinho in need of some modification

Previously we have experienced that Chelsea FC has this habit of losing its consistency in the last phase of the season. If we notice properly, the team is right on that situation yet again and the London giants are yet to face more struggles upcoming. The team has lost only two matches in Premiere League this season but are getting hard hits from the opponents this year.

Chelsea FC has already lost their UCL chances having been lost to Paris-Saint-Germain FC. The team performed pathetic and lost to a away goal aggregate against a one man down PSG team. Even the sent-off of Ibrahimovich couldn’t make sure Chelsea FC’s chances. For a team leading the Premiere League table, that indeed is disgrace. Mourinho did not even respond properly to the reporters about the surrender. That explains how clueless a manager can be, when a stronger team cannot take over a ten men squad on home ground.

Not only in Champions League, but in recent matches of Premiere League also, Chelsea has already started struggling. With two draws in last five matches, not to mention the close 3-2 win against Hull city, only proves how Chelsea FC is back onto its struggling phase of the season with Mourinho leading them in the inverse glory yet again.

Though with enough points in hand, Mourinho’s squad may not face much difficulty in their run of League hunt, but the question will remain raised if the team keeps on struggling like this. The crucial matches against Manchester United and Arsenal will also be very important, in this regard. Things could have been more difficult, if Manchester City proved themselves to be more consistent and challenging.

Time has come that, Mou takes some time about his dog days struggles and do something soon, to avoid further disappointment. I hope ‘the special one’ is well aware of the fact, that English Premier League is no two team league, things can turn upside down at any phase of the league. The seven left matches can make big differences!