Mourinho to United is good for Football

Barcelona Legend Xavi Hernandez revealed that he knew Pep Guardiola will join Manchester City in the summer even before the statement was made officially. The veteran also happy about the ‘Mourinho to United’ rumors and is sure that it will be very good for Premier League.

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola had a very hard relationship both on and off the pitch while both were managing in Spain. Jose Mourinho broke Barcelona’s dominance in Spain under Pep Guardiola as he managed Real Madrid to win the La Liga with record no of goals scored in a season.


Real Madrid and Barcelona are arch rivals ever since the clubs were built which brought the managers relationship to another level. Pep Guardiola being a pure La Masia product had an emotional attachment with his own club and fans and on the other hand, Jose Mourinho is loved by a sector of Real Madrid fans who are faithful to the Portuguese.

The duo is ready to go head-to-head once again as Pep Guardiola is taking the reigns at Manchester City and Jose Mourinho is reportedly very close to joining Manchester United. Xavi who played under Pep Guardiola thinks his fellow countryman will be a sheer success at Machester City and revealed that it’s Pep Guardiola’s dream to manage in Premier League.

Xavi also told that English Premier League will be a new challenge for Pep Guardiola and is looking forward to witnessing the Mourinho vs Pep competitions once again, branded the clash as ‘attractive’ and ‘a level beyond football’.

“Next year could be an amazing duel between Pep and Mourinho if it’s confirmed that Jose is signing for United. It will be attractive.”
“I’m convinced that City will do very well with Pep. Mourinho is a winner but with different types of approaches to football, which they don’t share.”
Xavi who was introduced to first team football by Louis van Gaal concerned that the Dutch man is wrongly treated by people and called his former manager as ‘honest’ and ‘a great coach’. Xavi also supported Louis van Gaal’s aggressive approach saying the Dutch man’s methods will be more effective with time.
“I feel very bad for him. He’s an honest person and a great coach.”
“He gets on badly with the press and that eventually grinds you down. And on top of that the results haven’t been coming, so you get the situation as it is at Manchester United.”
“Sometimes we spoke with Luis Enrique about things that Louis van Gaal said or did and it seemed outrageous when we were players. But now we can see he was right, that he was ahead of the rest.”