Mourinho to United? LVG fires at media

Manchester United manager has white washed the ‘Mourinho to United’ talks and was very angry with Media for creating stories about him which are not true.

Manchester United are highly linked with Portuguese tactician Jose Mourinho after the former Real Madrid was sacked by Chelsea months before. Since Jose Mourinho’s sack reports of Manchester United firing Louis van Gaal to hire Jose Mourinho was spread. Louis van Gaal complained about the false news reports earlier and once again he reacted angrily when asked about the current trending ‘Mourinho to United’ reports.

LVG -Goal

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager stormed at the Media people as he is not happy with the questions as much as the rumors. Neither the club nor the Portuguese said a word about him taking over the reigns at Old Trafford and Louis van Gaal believes there is no contact for Manchester United with Jose Mourinho.

It is normal that a manager gets irritated if he was asked about his replacement especially when there are no signs of ‘sack’ in line. Louis van Gaal is an aggressive man in person and it is very much understandable that he reacted angrily at the press. The Dutch man also revealed that his family, his friends, and well-wishers are also suffering from this rumors and told that they were all very upset.

“The last two months have been very difficult for my wife, my kids, my grandchildren and my friends to cope with.”
“For me too, but I can cope.”
“In the Netherlands they know I am too arrogant to doubt myself, but I also know that such a nonsense is being created about me.”
“I do not believe that there is already a relationship between Jose Mourinho and Manchester United.”
There were reports that LVG hired securities for his wife as he felt insecure in Machester, but the United manager once again gave a hot reply to those reports. He criticised the media for talking rubbish about his family.
“I criticise the media for inventing stories. I never hired security. Never ever. And I am walking on the streets without security and all the people I meet are very positive.”
Though United are showing faith in LVG, it is expected that the Dutch will be shown his doors in the summer as United are preparing for a long-term project.
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