Neymar Signed Pre-Contract with Barcelona

The Barcelona star, Neymar, has signed on a new deal with Barcelona, which will keep this player at Nou Camp until 2021. Neymar’s current contract will end in 2018 and he signed on a deal extension, which will keep him in that club for three more years after completing the current contract. According to the popular Spanish radio network, Cadena Cope, Neymar has signed this pre-contract agreement in recent days.

This is certainly a good new for Barca supporters that they can watch this young player for a longer time. Just few days back, there were some rumors that Neymar may change his club and go to the nearest rival of Barcelona aka Real Madrid. But, now there is no doubt that it was nothing but a rumor made by some media.

According to the pre-contract deal, Barcelona can keep in Brazilian striker until 2021, which is a very long time. Barcelona have been getting fruitful result from Neymar and that is probably a reason, why they didn’t want to miss this player even after three years.

Neymar Barcelona

Barcelona and Neymar have signed a document, a “letter of intent” to be linked with each other for a longer time, according to the Spanish radio network.

Currently, Neymar is facing some issue over the tax fraud as there were some problems during a transfer to the Barcelona. The Spanish court has already frozen his valuable assets such as private jet and others to get back their money.

On this matter, there is no such official announcements, as of now. But something really happened between the club and the player. Otherwise, this rumor could not be flying around Nou Camp. At the same time, there is no news about the price that will have to paid to Neymar.

Neymar is playing awesome throughout this season. He is such a player, who can play all the 90 minutes with full effort and that is not the only thing, what Barcelona coach likes about him.

Anyway, the Cadena Cope is a trusted source and more news will come out very soon.