An Open Letter to Steven Gerrard: From a Liverpool FC Supporter

I see ‘Mourinho’ filing the League title slowly, I see him  and I repeat to myself ‘Why Steven Gerrard, Why?’

Back days, at my early stages of a football admirer; I used to cheer for a clinical striker Michael Owen! The very first person who dragged me to become a Liverpool F.C supporter was this English goal machine! The hero fought all the rivals named Cantona, Nistelrooy, Ori and all others dragging my team day after day. But being a midfielder I always searched for an icon down the distributing arena. There I got you, Steven Gerrard! The way you ruled the Anfield mid-field I fell to dreams! Later, when Owen joined Newcastle and thereafter United! My respect for him had received the 1st pain, that time.

Steven Gerrard Retires

But with you, the pain always had an ointment! I saw you fighting to your tongue year after year, delivering sitters to all generation forwards be it Owen, be it Torres, be it Luis Suárez. I have seen you scoring artistic free-kicks, poaching deadly lobs, delivering smooth through-balls, picking rewarding corners. I have seen you fight United like a one-man machine; get past Arsenal like a bulldozing bolder. I experienced success of Champions League brought from your feet.

I fought alongside you. I fought with you in OT, I shouted my throat out in Emirates, and I cried out your name a thousand times in White Hart Lane, I did not let you walk alone in Wembley. I helped you stand up Steve when you slipped. I stood beside you Sir, when you got Red-carded.

You got offers from different giants from every nook and corner of Europe! But you had been no Suarez. You were committed to Liverpool like a king does to his kingdom. Nobody could or can ever replace you Steve.

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And I kept my dream, alive. I was ready for a decade that someday, somewhere, somehow you and I will lift the Premier League. Against all odds you will bring a justice to my childhood fantasies of being England’s no.1 again in my era. I never believed in Rafa, nor did I believe in Brenda. But I believed in you. Master, every year, I just knew a footballer like you won’t let my dreams die. I know, it’s unfair for me to expect a title from a certain mid-fielder in a team game. But you know where logics don’t work.

Now, that you have one match left at Anfield I experience a sound of pin. Getting through the last edge of my coffin. I have to let my dreams go off Steve! I have to stop believing in fantasy. You are taking away my childhood Steve. I would wait one more decade if I could see you in Liverpool squad. But I couldn’t let you go. With you leaving my hope dies. I can’t bid you a goodbye Master, I just can’t. I don’t see my fantasies coming true at Anfield anymore. They may bring in some superb utility players but logic stands still, in front of my die-hard believing on you.

Mourinho brought it for Chelsea and mocked you with his early proposals. And you let that stay along!

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Adios, Steven Gerrard. Thank you for everything. Wish you all the best in Major Soccer League. One fibre of my being will always be Steven Gerrard! It’s just that next time I visit Anfield I make sure eyes won’t go drenched again!