A big match is coming soon for Manchester United and Chelsea, when United will play against the Blues at Stamford Bridge. However, the bad news for Blues is the new on loan player, Alexandre Pato will not be available against Manchester United as he is still unfit, according to the interim coach, Guus Hiddink.

There was an exclusive interview with the Chelsea manager and he said that,

Pato is in his pre-season.

That means, the trainers are trying to making use of this player in the training ground. As this forward played brutally against Sao Paulo, they are making him ready for the extreme pressure what Chelsea is suffering from.


Chelsea have made a special training plan for Pato and the forward is doing that once and sometime twice in a day. As he was out from Sao Paulo squad since November, Hiddink doesn’t want to take risk for him.

On the training plan, he has said,

We have made a training plan which he is doing now, training at least once but most days twice, which means he is getting his fitness back but not at full fitness yet.

According to the trainers and coach, he is working hard to get back his fitness as soon as possible. But, as the matter denotes, he will not be in for the upcoming matches. It may take some week as well. But, Guus Hiddink needs a solid forward instead of unfit one.

He will not be in for the upcoming few games because we want to have him fit and we don’t want to run the risk of injury in this tough league.

According to Hiddink, he is a tactical and cold minded player and that statement has several proofs. On the same, he has said,

Of course we know he is skilful, technically he is very good and he is ambitious. This is normal for me but he needs more physical fitness.

The plan of the interim coach is really good as this is far better to have a skillful and fit forward after two or three weeks instead of unfit forward from the next match.