Pedro has “Everything” to be Fit in England: Fernando Torres

Probably the most awaited transfer is going to be real for Manchester United since Pedro insists that he is suffering from a difficult situation. Manchester United has been in talk with Barcelona since the initial days of this transfer window to get this 28-years old Spanish forward. Although, there is no such official news but according to some sources, Manchester United and Barcelona have agreed a €26 million deal along with €6 million bonus and all for this forward.

At the same time, Fernando Torres, who has spent a lot of time in English football on behalf of Chelsea and Liverpool, has told that Pedro has everything to fit in the England and English football. As of now, Pedro has not played for any English football club and this is the first time, when he may come to England for football.

Pedro has “Everything” to be Fit in England: Fernando Torres

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In an interview with the former Chelsea forward, Fernando Torres has said,

He is a good friend, and if he decides that England is the next step in his career, I am sure he will do very well there. He has all the ability you would expect from a player who has been at Barcelona for so many years, but also he has a great work ethic.

He works hard, he will help defend, he won’t be bullied, he has everything to succeed in the Premier League. I think he will find it very hard to leave Barcelona, but I understand as much as anybody how important it is to be playing regularly — especially once you reach a certain age. You need to be at a club where you are playing a lot of football.

Torres is somehow right since Pedro is working hard but getting less time on the field for Barcelona. Just for an example, coach, Luis Enrique implemented this play on 93rd minute as a replacement to Mascherano. However, fortunately, he scored the winning goal on 115th minute, which helped Barca to win UEFA Super Cup 2015.

He is getting very less time on the field and that is why he said,

I don’t want to leave Barcelona, but my situation is difficult. It’s not about money, but about more playing time.

That simply implies, Pedro wants to play more but in Barcelona, currently this is not possible. That is why he thinks Manchester United move would be a positive side.

However, his national team mate has supported him along with some other people.

Let’s see what happens.