Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has admitted that the players of Real Madrid are just ‘pawns’, where Club President Florentina Perez is the King.

Real Madrid fans are against the club president Florentina Perez from the start of this season. The club’s decision to sack La_Decima winner Carlo Ancelotti and appointing out of favour Rafael Benitez has fired the already raging Madridistas who are now started to show their anger on the management.

Real Madrid fans were not always happy with their president as they had not liked much of the Spanish businessman’s decisions on club’s transfers. Perez sold a number of Santiago Bernabeu fan favorites and bought players only for the sake of his policy; ‘The Galactico Signings’.

Though the fans do not like most of the club’s decision on transfers, they remained so quiet for the last few seasons since the club has been performing quite brilliantly. Especially the Decima win has shut most of the fans who were criticising the authorities. But that support did not last for a ling time after the sack of Carlo Ancelotti. Rafa Benitez also has a fair share for the fans’ outrage.


Real Madrid under Rafa Benitez has been impressive from the start, but the club’s performances against big teams are not convinceable. They thrashed Raya Vallecano by 10-2 in their last game, but fans of the Bernabeu were all booing. Florentina Perez and Rafa Benitez were the main targets.

Even some of the Madrid players are not impressed by the fans’ reaction including club’s star forward Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese gestured the fans ‘not to boo’ but the boos did not stop.

Ramos also looked unimpressed on the pitch who then came to media to clear the air. The Spaniard told that the entire squad is behind the coach and are trying hard to do the things in the manager’s way. He also admitted that they players in Madrid are just ‘pawns’ where president Perez is the King.

Ramos further agreed that the squad will take any decision that the club makes, showing full support to the Madrid hierarchy.