Petr Cech, James Milner, Raheem Sterling, Three Premier League Stars are Eager to join Arsenal

The premier league is about to be end for the season and the transfer season-news are already selling like hot cakes. The latest transfer news is about the team Arsenal. Though the team still has few matches left for the season but I guess they are already preparing the team for the next one. So according to the Summer Transfers to Arsenal, three big names are already making the buzz.

Petr Cech, James Milner and Raheem Sterling are in this list. Yes you heard that right. Arsenal is thinking of including these three players in the team. There are reasons why these three players are eager to leave their clubs and join Arsenal.

About the players:

Petr Cech

Petr Cech

This 33 years old Goalkeeper is part of team Chelsea for a long time. But very recently he is been underused by the team. That is been stated as the main reason for his decision. Though Chelsea coach Mourinho has said:

“I am powerless to stop him.”

According to the coach it is tough to sell such an experienced talent.

But the player’s preference to join the arch enemy of Chelsea is almost fixed and it is a matter of time to see Petr Cech in an Arsenal jersey.

James Milner

James Milner

Not only Arsenal but Liverpool too has showed their interest in making James Milner part of their respective teams. But his keen interest in Arsenal has been declared. Though Manchester City is trying their level best to keep the man in team.

Manchester City has already made its lucrative move by offering £165,000 and had even discussed about the hike which is much higher than his current £150,000 a week income, only to keep him in.

As long as the report is concern James Milner has made up his mind already to join Arsenal. The real reason of Milner is little weird as he has problem in playing in the right instead of the center midfield.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

The reason behind Raheem wanting to leave Liverpool is not money, like other two names above.  The credibility of the player that cannot be bought with money is proved again. Raheem Sterling frankly stated to the reporters that he is willing to leave Liverpool for ‘trophies’.  He is too clear about the fact that money does not make his decisions. As a player his foremost dream is to win cups and medals and earn big bucks.

Wrap up:

Football is a game that is more emotional than practical. May be the only game of the world that attracts soul and not money and glamour. Players have proved at times it is not only the money that matters. None of these three players have taken the decision to leave their respective teams on money issues. It is the urge to play and play better that has been the sole motive behind the transfer to Arsenal, for each one of them.